Get a better sleep with Pampers!


Get a better sleep with Pampers!


At Mommy Connections, we love working with Pampers because they are always improving their products and listening to Mom’s & Dad’s.  Mommy Connections was recently invited to an amazing Baby Dry launch party a few weeks ago in Toronto and it was clear that Pampers truly does want to create the very best product.  An amazing young woman who works directly with Pampers products by the name of Christina Shah was there to explain why the new Baby Dry diapers are different and how exactly they work.  Christina is actually a chemical engineer who is now a Senior Engineer with Proctor & Gamble.  She works at their American test facility where they have real life families trying new products and can actually take their live feedback and immediately create new trial prototypes in the next room. She has such a cool job!  We created a quick facebook live video at the event (see below) where we had Christina demonstrate the amazing absorbency of the new Baby Dry diapers.  We saw what diapers were historically made of and what made them so bulky before and how thin (but more absorbent) they are now.

The event included a variety of bloggers and influencers from across Canada and it was lovely to meet so many new women!



Sleep Expert, Andrea Strang from KinderSleep was also at the event, sharing tips to help your baby get a better night’s sleep.

Here are some proven tips to help your baby (and you) sleep through the night.

Worrying about sleep makes sleep worse

Parents receive many mixed messages about the dos-and-don’ts of raising a child – especially around the topic of sleep. This can cause a lot of worry, stress, and guilt. Babies are sensitive to their parents’ emotions and it makes them even less likely to sleep well if you’re stressed. When you find techniques that feel natural and work for your family, stick with them and trust the process. There is no one way to parent and every situation is unique. Also, make sure to take time for yourself, even if it’s just five minutes to recharge – this makes a world of difference!

Keep things dark at night

Light exposure at night has one of the biggest impacts on sleep quality in our modern society. In the evening when the lights dim, our bodies start to produce the sleepy hormone, melatonin. Melatonin not only helps us to feel tired, but it also recharges through the night to help promote sleep… as long as we are sleeping in the dark. If you can avoid turning on the lights in your child’s room at night, this is ideal. Other helpful tips include investing in black-out blinds or screen protectors to do your best to block out light. You can also swap out your regular lightbulbs which emit blue or white light for new bulbs that emit red, yellow or orange.

Avoid overnight diaper changes

If diaper changes can be avoided at night, this can encourage better sleep for children and parents. Not only do babies dislike being naked, this also ties back to light exposure. When melatonin is reduced in the night, cortisol levels rise, which makes us more wakeful and can fragment sleep cycles, causing lighter sleep, especially in the early morning. A better diaper will help to ensure a full night’s sleep while keeping your baby dry and avoiding leakage. With Pampers Baby Dry offering 12-hour protection and extra absorb channels you can rest
assured your baby is comfortable which means more sleep for everyone.

Pampers understands how important sleep is for baby’s development. Research shows babies’ skin can sense wetness, acting as little “alarm clocks” to potentially wake them up. New Pampers Baby Dry is thinner and drier* for 12 hours of outstanding overnight protection. Now all Pampers diapers offer exclusive Extra Absorb Channels that lock away wetness to protect against leaks and provide a comfortable fit for baby.
*vs. previous Baby Dry

As we’ve seen, the diaper can handle up to twice as much liquid than the average baby releases. Pampers Baby Dry’s core structure absorbs and distributes fluid quickly and evenly into the Pulp/AGM layer, where it locks fluid away and turns it into a gel  keeping baby dry. This allows babies (and parents!) to sleep easy, without disrupting them for a diaper change, minimizing leaks and discomfort.

We had a great time in Toronto yesterday with the Pampers baby panel crew. We learned so much about the new Baby Dry line and all of the amazing technology behind it. We saw proof that these new diapers will keep your baby dryer, longer. They will also ensure a better nights sleep because a comfy baby is a happy baby! #lovesleepplay #ad

Posted by Mommy Connections on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Avoid overtiredness

When we are tired in the evening and we don’t go to sleep, our bodies release cortisol which stimulates the release of adrenaline, giving us a boost of energy. To avoid this happening to your child, learn to understand evening sleepy zones. Watch your child for early signs of being tired (gazing, staring off, a quiet moment, or stopping play for a moment) and advanced sleep signs (rubbing the eyes, yawning, pulling the ears, fussiness and crying, or physical signs such as red eyes or eyebrows). At these times, be sure to get your child into their sleep place to avoid your child entering into the overtired zone (Wake Maintenance Zone) or getting a “second wind”.

Parents can work on improving their own sleep

We often put a high importance on improving children’s sleep so that parents can sleep better too. Research shows that a parent can manage on 5.5 hours of sleep within a 24-hour period – less than 5.5 hours can result in feeling emotionally unstable and stressed out while managing the demands of life with a new baby. Do your best to sleep 5.5 hours (naps count!) by applying the above tips and tag teaming with your partner. Working on your own sleep will help the whole family feel better and live more happily.



Thank you, Pampers, for an amazing event with so much information!

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