Review: Baby Gourmet


Review: Baby Gourmet


Introducing foods to my baby has been fun and exciting! So far (knock on wood) he’s loved everything I’ve introduced him to and luckily, he doesn’t seem to have any allergies either. I try whenever possible to make his food from scratch; this way I know exactly what’s going into it and I can figure out which flavours are his favourites.

Now that my son is almost 10 months old I feel like we’re always on the go! He gets bored at home all the time so I try to plan playdates or at least go for a walk with him each day. With a busy schedule I can’t always bring freshly made food when we’re on the go, which is why I love the convenience of the Baby Gourmet pouches.

Baby Gourmet is a Canadian company and their products are certified organic. Each pouch contains ingredients that I would serve my baby if I were making his food from scratch. I love the convenience of throwing these into our diaper bag. They’re perfect for on the go snacks and the Baby Gourmet plus pouches can make for a full meal if needed! I usually use a spoon to serve it to my baby but he loves holding the pouch in his hands while I help squeeze the food into his mouth. It also makes for easy clean up – which is so important when on the go. Truth be told, I never let him finish a pouch…I save a little for myself as I love the flavours too!

The Baby Gourmet cereals are also fantastic to serve for breakfast. I love adding some fresh fruit, yogurt or even some puree from the pouches for added flavour. I usually serve my son something that I’ve just made for breakfast, but I’m so glad I discovered these cereals as they are perfect for travel! All you need to do is add water for a complete and nutritious breakfast. In fact, the whole family could have a healthy and delicious breakfast while on vacation.

I really like that both the pouches and the cereals offer interesting flavour combinations. I really want my son to enjoy a wide variety of foods and I hope that he won’t be a picky eater! The Baby Gourmet products offer a nutritious, flavourful and convenient option for busy babies and parents.

~ Elaine Atkins, #MomSquad

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