Review: “Feelosophy of Birth”, A Journal for Pregnancy, by Brooke Martin.


Review: “Feelosophy of Birth”, A Journal for Pregnancy, by Brooke Martin.


Feelosophy of Birth is a pregnancy journal that helps guide and focus expecting mothers through the intricate web of feelings and emotions during each trimester, along with spiritual and practical passages from choosing your “Birth Tribe”, to nourishing your body, mind and baby through health, thought, breath and yoga.

Feelosophy begins with a helpful “how to use this journal” from the author Brooke Martin explaining how to best utilize the journal and the general outline that is to be followed. One of the aspects I enjoyed was that you do not have to start this journal the second you find out you are pregnant.  The journal is valuable at any point of your pregnancy, but is also valuable regardless of which pregnancy you are on (I am currently pregnant with my third child) and makes for a wonderful keepsake for your child.

The journal does not simply have lined pages for one to simply scribble down random thoughts, Feelosophy systematically guides you day by day, and week by week for all three trimesters with focused questions to write and reflect on. For example, week 16, Day #1,(where I began), starts with the question, “What scares me about bringing my baby into this world?”and “Today I’m grateful for…?”, and continue through out the week(s), with others like “what do I need to do to nurture myself?”, and “do my beliefs birth differ from my partners?”. Culminating each week with how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally, along with what you have learned about yourself that week. These are questions that any mother can relate to weather it be your first baby, or your third, but they also give you a base to work off of.  Something I very much enjoyed, as I have never been a “journaling type”, and would have struggled to start writing from scratch.


The journal is soft covered and cloth bound, making it feel sturdy yet flexible, with a handy built-in elastic book mark so you don’t loose your journaling place. The lined journal pages are well designed with simple but pretty “hand drawn” illustrations, on a lovely natural looking card stock, so the interior feels very warm and inviting.

Feelosophy sets one up on a path of reflection and deeper self-awareness during pregnancy through guided writing and reflections. The journals messages and purpose were clearly and accurately defined in the beginning, and the continuity of the book is consistent from beginning to end, making the journal a valuable tool for and expecting mother.

~ Kathryn Ericksen, Mommy Connections Vancouver Main


Brooke Martin is a Sydney Australia based Doula, Birthing Coach and Yoga instructor.

Dive into understanding YOUR Feelosophy, So, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Explore your FEELINGS, THOUGHTS and BELIEFS. Live your life from a place of knowing what your body; mind and spirit are capable of.

CONNECT with the essence of who you are. Join the Feelosophy Tribe.


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