Small Decor Guide for Your Kid’s Room


Small Decor Guide for Your Kid’s Room


Today, decorating your kid’s room can be as demanding and just as much fun as decorating your own living space. Kid’s rooms are getting more and more stylish by the year, and they open up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, no matter the size of the room and the age of the child. With decorating kids’ rooms you can be as bold and magical as you want, but make sure you listen to their wishes. Let’s have a closer look into some décor ideas for your kid’s room.


Bring in some colour

Most of the parents decide to paint their kid’s room one colour. That’s okay, but it can get a little boring. Why not try a combination of three or four colours? Or add some dramatic stripes to spice things up! When it comes to boys rooms, you can always go for nautical colours and décor. Get some wooden shelves, blue linen and furniture, and some fun pirate chests as storage space. But, if you’re raising a little Dora the Explorer, you can paint the walls with animal and plant motifs, add suitcases for storage and get a lot of stuffed animals as décor.


If your kid likes to collect stuff and is very proud of their collection, make sure to provide them with enough display space. This way they can arrange and rearrange their prized possessions as they want (as long as you put shelves and cabinets on their level). If your kid wants to display photos or other trinkets they hold dear, you can provide them with corkboards or create a little hanging garden of beautiful memories. You can hang photos from thin ropes and attach them to the walls. You can also make or buy a cool magnetic board if you’re aiming for a more contemporary and industrial look.

Light it up

Good lighting is very important for kids of any age. They need multiple light sources, such as overhead lighting for play, task lighting for studying and a gentle light that can stay on during the night. Soft night lights come in many interesting shapes and sizes and are perfect for nurseries and young kids’ rooms.

Provide them with a healthy space

Since kids love their rooms soooo much, it’s important to provide them with a healthy space. When you design and decorate the room, you must think about ventilation. Proper ventilation is important for many health reasons. It prevents asthma and protects the respiratory system, reduces the number of allergens, lowers condensation, and well as the concentration of VOC and radon gas. Make sure your kid’s windows are opened often enough and get some air purifiers to filter out the air. You can check out some air purifier reviews online and get the one that best fits your child’s needs.

Study space

Kids today have more and more school obligations, so a tidy and organised study area is a must, especially in teens’ rooms. Don’t try to save money on desks and chairs, but get ergonomic ones that will keep your kid’s back in optimal position. Also, provide them with some shelves for coursework and books.

Personalise for older kids

When it comes to older kids, the best décor option is to take something they love and incorporate it into the design. For instance, if your kid’s an aspiring athlete, you can paint their room the colours of their favourite team, or frame their idol’s jersey. You can also get them a classic display shelf for all their sports memorabilia. If your kid is into music, find a cool way to display their instruments and records. But, you have to bear in mind that a young teenager’s tastes change often, so design the room that can be easily updated with accessories.

As you can see, designing and decorating kids’ rooms can be a super fun creative project. As long as you capture something your kid likes and incorporate it into the design, they will love their new space. Make sure the room is safe and clean, and your kids will always have a place where they can be themselves.

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