Review: Diono Monterey XT booster seat


Review: Diono Monterey XT booster seat


Overprotective in all the right ways, the Monterey XT is a full-featured, expandable high-back booster seat designed to fit growing children 40lb to 120lb. The adjustable head rest and deep, aluminum reinforced sides are lined with energy absorbing EPS foam for side impact protection and the long seat bottom provides extra leg support.

A simple-to-use dial on the back adjusts the width of the seat to fit a child’s shoulders up to 50.8 cm (20″) wide. The 11-position headrest gives ultimate flexibility and adjusts up to 16.5 cm (6.5″) in height with one hand for an easy, precise fit.  This seat is really wide – even when it isn’t at maximum width.  The first thing my four year said was how comfortable it is.  It feels just like his regular 5 point harness car seat, but uses a seat belt instead.  He feels safe and secure in it, and really it just looks safer than your average booster seat.   We have placed a non-back booster in the captain’s chair next to the Monterey below and you can see how much safer the Monterey looks next to it.
I don’t usually like the backless booster.  For long car trips, we still ensure my 8.5 year old is sitting in a booster with a back.  She is so much more comfortable and it is easier to sleep on longer car rides.  The width can make it a bit trickier for a little one to be able to buckle themselves, but in our vehicle, it actually bakes the piece where you insert the buckle stand up and stay in place, so it works out well.
The booster also clips into your seat like a regular car seat using integrated UAS connectors, so the seat stays in position (making buckling easier) and also in the event that the seat isn’t in use during a collision, the seat won’t become a dangerous projectile in your vehicle.

The seat bottom has extra length for leg support and features retractable, dual cup/snack holders.  The seat length will ensure that it lasts to 80lbs and beyond, which is great, because even my 8.5 year old who is quite tall, is only 60lbs, so she has a ways to go before she is out of the booster seat.  This seat is much more comfortable for her as well because it mimics more of a regular vehicle seat size.


The Monterey XT can also be used as a backless booster and packs flat for travel and storage.  We also reviewed the Radian RXT and the Ranier in 2016.  We are big fans of Diono!

The Monterey XT retails for $169.99 at major retails and online and comes in 4 colours; teal, heather (grey) purple and red as pictured above.


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