Review: Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 by VTech


Review: Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 by VTech


The end of summer is nearing, but that doesn’t mean the adventures have to stop!

With the new additions to VTech‘s Kidizoom line, kids can record and endlessly re-play their summertime fun.

Play games, take pictures, and get active with the new Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 recommended for ages 4+ and up. Does your kid love putting fun filters on their pictures? With the Silly Me app on the Smartwatch DX2, they can do just that and customize their watch’s background!

This is such a cool watch for kids. My daughter Katie is 6 (and a half, if you ask her). She was so excited to try this watch out, she put it on the minute it she had the chance! To start with it is very comfortable, easy to use with large buttons, a touchscreen face, and it is brightly coloured. It has different backgrounds and 55 customizable watch faces to help kids learn to tell time, so was able to personalize it right away.  

There are two cameras on the watch to take photos or record videos, one on the face and one on the top so she can take selfies or pictures of the room, other people, her toys and of course our pup Rosie! It can hold up to 1600 photos which is great for a kid who LOVES taking a ton of photos at a time. With the Silly Me app, she can take pictures of her face and put fun filters on it as she demonstrated on Facebook, it also saves the photos as new watch faces. 


The watch includes an assortment of games including Monster Detector – which is super cool, it uses the camera and augmented reality to help kids find and capture monsters in the real world. There are logic puzzle games and games to encourage activity using the watch’s motion sensor. In addition to active play challenges, it tracks her steps, just like moms! She thought it was so much fun to set herself a step goal and reach it. The Monster Detector game also encourages the extra steps “find the next monster in 45 steps”. 


I love that is easy to charge in a couple of hours, by connecting to the computer with the included USB cable, you can also upload photos and videos and download additional apps from the Learning Lodge. I also like the fact that it’s splashproof so I don’t have to worry about her wearing it for the day or out of the house. 

The best feature for me as a parent so far, is the timer! She can set her timer when she has “5 more minutes” or set it for 2 minutes to brush her teeth etc. Bonus!! 

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