Review: Medela’s double electric breast pump


Review: Medela’s double electric breast pump


I was recently given the opportunity to test out Medela’s double electric breast pump. I am currently nursing my almost 4 month old and used the single Medela pump with my first.

When I opened the box, it looked like a lot of parts. It includes:

  • 1 x Calma nipple
  • 4 x 150ml bottles with lids (BPA-free)
  • 2 x PersonalFit Breast Shields size 24mm
  • 2 x PersonalFit Breast Shields size 27mm
  • 1 set of Freestyle Hands-free Connector Straps
  • 1 x cooler bag with ice pack
  • 1 x black tote bag
  • 1 x Medela breastfeeding accessories pack ($40 value)

I found it easier to wash it and reassemble after each use, so it is ready and easy for the next time I pump.

This pic shows the many parts that come with this pump 😉 It was an 8lb package from FedEx.

The parts need to be put together properly with no errors or the suction will be weak. Medela has an easy to follow assembly video on their website. I was also given the strapless Medela bra used to hold the parts while nursing so I can be hands free.  I only tried to pump once without the bra and it was definitely not as easy!! I felt restricted and needed to stay in one position the entire time to ensure I had the appropriate amount of suction. But just know, that you do not need the bra to pump hands-free, as there are clips that come with this kit to allow you to clip onto a nursing bra you already have…I however did not try and attempt it, so I cannot truly say if they worked well or not.

I like strong suction when I pump so I was pleased that the adjustable suction works for both stimulation mode and expression mode and there are 9 levels. The pump did start in stimulation mode, and automatically switched to the expression mode after two minutes but I needed more time to get my lazy breast to start flowing so I would stop it and restart the stimulation mode again to ensure both breasts were ready. But you can skip the stimulation mode entirely by pressing the expression let down button.

There are some really neat features with this pump that I am still learning about. For one, the pump can remember your pump setting (you need to push a button once you turn pump on) and there is a timer. I didn’t think I would care about the timer, but actually really liked it because I always guessed how long I was pumping for and it was neat to see how long I pump and how much milk I manage to get.

I only like to pump once a day because I don’t have time or energy to do any more than that! With a busy toddler who is very demanding of my attention and general life activities that get in the way, I need to pump as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The double pump is the answer! The first time I pumped I stopped after 6 minutes and managed to get almost 7 ounces (includes both breast amounts), and this was using it for the first time and not really having a groove yet.

Now, I pump for roughly 10 minutes in the morning and get 10-12 ounces (I did need to use the larger Medela bottles as I discovered my supply was much more than I thought). I like to freeze milk for bottles and for feeds Hubby can do when I am away. I would rather breastfeed but there are times bottles come in handy when this Mama needs some alone time or Grandma is taking over for an impromptu date night outing. I’m not sure how much I would get if I were to pump for a second or third time in a day, but there is no time to really find out as it doesn’t fit my life schedule. I think this pump is the way to go if someone was exclusively pumping as it cuts the time in half if not more. It saves time and being hands free gives you more freedom to play with your baby or do some light tidying up etc.

My Final Thoughts:

This is a great pump, I think this pump is a great investment. It is light and portable and it comes with an amazing bottle storage cooler (the ice pack is shaped to curve around the bottles! I love this feature!), and tote bag to store the product. I could have easily brought this on a road trip and pumped in the car (which I had every intention of doing but baby had other ideas for me). The battery is also rechargeable using the wall plug in. Before even owning this pump I read a few reviews on it and most said great for working moms which I can agree with, but it great for so much more. I think this pump makes sense if you are pumping at work and have a short window of time, but I think this pump is great for new moms or moms with multiple children as well. I believe your time is precious and nobody wants to be stuck pumping if they do not have to. This pump saves time and that to me is a win-win. I don’t think I would have the stock pile I do in my freezer just using the single pump and I only pump once a day. Hubby is happy that the pump is taking less time away from my family life. I also wrote this review while pumping.

~ Ashley

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