Wear Braces With Style: Helpful Tips for Your Treatment


Wear Braces With Style: Helpful Tips for Your Treatment


Wearing braces has never been this easy! You will get a wonderful smile and not struggle at all if you follow these tips while completing the whole treatment. It’s better to be well informed and it’s important to follow your orthodontist’s advices to get the best results.

Here are some of the most important tips that will help you if you wear braces.

Always Keep the Braces Clean

If you clean your braces you will also protect your teeth from plaque build-up and you will prevent enamel deterioration.

  1. Brush your teeth more than twice a day, after every meal or snack that you had. You can use either electronic or regular toothbrushes to keep the brackets clean.
  2. Don’t forget to floss daily – even twice a day, if possible. You will not only prevent cavities, but the speed at which your teeth are moving will also be increased. The electronic water flosser is a good alternative too.
  3. Use mouthwash to prevent gingivitis, plaque and bacteria. A clean mouth will keep your braces clean while your gums and teeth are moved in the correct position.

Wearing braces is necessary for many people and it doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or a mom, you can wear braces too. About 25% of regular patients are adults, so you can check out family braces orthodontics and get your own personalized braces that are fit to your style and needs.

Let’s see what you should avoid eating if you’re wearing braces.

You Should Avoid Eating These Foods:

  1. Don’t chew hard food like ice, hard chips, hard pretzels, raw hard vegetables or fruits (carrots or apples, for example), nuts, seeds, popcorn, corn on the cob or beef jerky. These foods will break the brackets and wires.
  2. Try to avoid sticky or gooey sweets like caramel, taffy, gummy bears, because they might end up removing your brackets or wires off your teeth.
  3. Minimize sugary food or drinks and always clean your teeth after you eat them. Bacteria are attracted by sugar and it leads to plaque buildup and it also stains your teeth.

Other Important Tips:

  1. Don’t miss your appointments with the orthodontist!
  2. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm because some braces can poke your lips and crack them.
  3. Always have with you every product for cleaning your teeth: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lip balm.
  4. Don’t try to whiten your teeth with various products. This will make your teeth look patchy after you get your braces removed, because the discoloring will not get under them.
  5. Don’t wait for your next appointment if a bracket or a wire has been broken! This is an orthodontic emergency and you must call your orthodontist. Don’t try to fix the broken braces by yourself – just place some wax on the area that is damaged and wait until your orthodontist says he or she can see you.

A lot of people wear braces, be it colored or hidden – the aim is to have healthy teeth. You will show off your beautiful smile in no time if you carefully follow these advices. Don’t forget to follow the instructions provided by your orthodontist and you’ll end up with a great smile!

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