Safe, Natural Solution to Teething


Safe, Natural Solution to Teething


Written by: Jenn Sanders

As a self-proclaimed paranoid mama, I am proud to say that I have found a better alternative to giving my baby Tylenol and Motrin for teething. I have never felt good about giving her drugs to help soothe the pain she goes through, so I went on a mission to try whatever I could to find a replacement.

Teething Rings

I used teething rings. Not only did she not use it, but she threw it at me. Even putting it in the refrigerator didn’t help. She didn’t enjoy holding it or putting it in her mouth.


Another popular teething solution is to rub baby’s gums. Since I am a bit neurotic, all I could think about was the germs going into her mouth from my fingers rubbing her gums.

She didn’t enjoy it either. She only stopped crying when I had my fingers inside of her mouth. It was probably because she was wondering why I was doing it.

Cold Drinks

Having her drink cold water, juice, etc. makes sense because it’s like a cool compress. That didn’t work out because she ended up drinking too much. Changing diapers much more than needed didn’t seem healthy either.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

One of my good natural living friends told me about a Baltic Amber teething necklace. I was willing to try it. I did worry about having something around my baby’s neck, but she said it was okay if I watched her or put it on her wrists or ankles.

Of course, I chose to put it on her wrists and ankles. To my surprise, my daughter didn’t shove her wrist or ankle in her mouth to chew or suck on them. This is a concern since babies shouldn’t chew or suck on it. The amber beads have Succinic Acid in them, which is the treatment oil that helps with the pain of teething.

I must admit I was skeptical. It didn’t make sense that beads would help with something like teething. But after a day or wearing the beads, my baby was much calmer and happier. She started eating more and crying less. After the second day, she was back to the baby I knew, and we were all so relieved.

This prompted me to do some research, and it’s amazing what Baltic Amber can do. Amber is found in the Baltic areas of the world. Lithuania is one of the sources of the amber, and produce the highest quality of the fossilized tree resin. This resin is what holds the Succinic Acid, and THAT is the magic solution that naturally helps babies with their teething symptoms.

People in Europe and the Middle East have been using Baltic Amber for centuries. It’s been used to help with many illnesses and ailments. Inflammation, fever, colds, and more have been relieved with wearing amber beads against the body. It’s the body that warms up the beads, which releases the treatment oil onto the skin. With the skin being so permeable, the oil passes through it and into the bloodstream to do it’s thing.

Love My Natural Teething Solution

This natural teething solution is what works best for me and my baby. I always remove it at night while we sleep because I don’t want it to hurt my baby even though it’s just on her wrists. I can’t believe it works, but it does, and I am going to keep using it.

Hopefully, you will find that it works for your baby as much as it has for mine.

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