Buying Shoes for Babies & Toddlers


Buying Shoes for Babies & Toddlers


When buying shoes for babies and toddlers, it can be so easy to get caught up in the latest trends. We may go for a pair that ‘look cute’ rather than choosing a pair that actually suits their needs. This infographic from Walsh Brother Shoes takes you through everything you need to know about how toddler’s feet develop and when the right time is to get them into shoes.

It’s important to remember that you should only put toddlers in shoes when they’re capable of walking. There is the option to buy ‘pre-walkers’, which will not hamper foot development, but the general rule is that toddlers shouldn’t wear shoes until they’re up on their feet!

It’s worth paying a little extra money to get the right pair of shoes. Go into a shop that specializes in children’s shoes and get an accurate measurement. It’s important to remember that an accurate measurement may only be accurate for a few months as a toddler’s feet grow so quickly. Again, just to reiterate, go for a pair that is made with good materials rather than making a decision based on the latest shoe trends.

Sometimes toddlers can have issues with their feet as they develop so be vigilant for any signs that your child has pain in their feet. Find out about all things shoe related for babies and toddlers in the infographic now.

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