5 Things You Should Know when Baby-Proofing Your Living Room


5 Things You Should Know when Baby-Proofing Your Living Room


Written by: Lana Hawkins

Living rooms are hubs of domestic life where families spend quite a lot of time together. Most parents are worried about the dangers that wait outside, but know that there are many risks that also lurk right under your nose.

A typical living room is littered with objects and furniture that can injure the little ones. Therefore, to help your baby stay out of the harm’s way, you need to baby-proof the space. You are going to have to engage in some redecorating and rearranging.

So, take this chance to boost the safety, but also rethink the design and décor of the room.

From a baby’s standpoint

Things may seem fine from where you are standing. However, to assess the situation properly, you need to get down on your knees. This kind of perspective allows you to uncover problems and safety pitfalls that your child comes in contact with as it waddles around.

These include pointed corners and edges, pieces that stick out, electrical outlets, appliances, fireplaces, and footholds that could allow the baby to reach unsafe heights. Before embarking on a shopping spree adventure, see if you can shift the existing layout of the space or take the design edge off.

Find an angle

Namely, you need to focus on sharp angles and edges around the room. A coffee table is one of the most notorious pieces of furniture, so see if you can replace it. I would go for an ottoman: it is soft and curvy, meaning it is a baby-proof option that can also fill the role of a coffee table.

Likewise, keep a close eye on couches and side tables that could also feature sharp corners. Soften up anything that seems threatening with padding. You should be able to deal with those pointy corners and edges for good. Also, remember to keep floors free of small objects.

Piece by piece

Furthermore, inspect all your furniture and check whether it is prone to falling over. Your little fellow will always find joy in pulling and pushing on objects. The good news is that instead of investing in new pieces, it is possible to use furniture anchors for stability.

And when you do go spending, you might want to look for easy-to-wipe materials like linen and vinyl. It might be hard to make a fashion statement and obtain functional furniture at the same time. However, some manufacturers of comfortable lounge suites in Sydney prove that one can get the best of both worlds.


The bottom line

While frequent falls are unavoidable, you can prevent them from causing any injuries. To mitigate the impact, identify floor areas of the living room you can soften. A nice rug is a good way to anchor your style and also cushion falls against a hard floor surface.

If you choose the right size and material, it can serve as a play mat as well. For extra safety, use rag pads to keep the rug firmly in place. Finally, bear in mind that you can re-purpose materials lying around your home, such as old towels, and use them as DIY softeners.

Turn a new leaf

It would be wise to streamline your décor and do away with excess clutter. You can stick to decorations that appeal to your sense of style, but they need to stay out of your baby’s way (and hopefully do not draw its attention). Avoid objects like heavy vases on tables. Be careful with hardwood and metal pieces.

Anything that is within easy reach of the baby must be found a new place. It is also highly recommended to store away decorations that contain tiny pieces and consequently pose a choking hazard. I would encourage you to embrace the sublime elegance of minimalist interior design and witness you space in new refreshing light.

On the safe side

A baby who is learning to walk and constantly tumbling over calls for extra vigilance and effort. So, how about you give your space a nice spruce-up while also improving the safety of your child? Hope for the best, but assume the worst: baby falling and knocking its head against hard surfaces and sharp corners.

Ideally, you should your take on baby-proofing endeavors before the new arrival. Begin the project from the ground up. Get down on all fours, and comb through the area. Turn your living room in a safe haven and gain the much-needed peace of mind.

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