Fight for a life – with a lottery ticket


Fight for a life – with a lottery ticket


In the early 1980s, studies showed about half the deaths due to trauma could have been prevented if patients had received critical care sooner. When Dr. Greg Powell lost a young mother, who was being transported from a rural area to Calgary by ground ambulance, he decided something had to change. That’s when he founded STARS.

STARS runs so well to save lives every day, because of the many volunteers and donations they receive. One of their largest fundraiser is the STARS lottery which is running right now in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Early bird tickets can be purchased before Feb 28 and the over 3,000 prizes are incredible! Even if I don’t win a prize, I certainly feel good about donating to the cause 🙂 You can purchase your ticket here.

Why is  STARS Air Ambulance so important?

TIME: The moment someone is critically sick or injured, their window for survival narrows with each passing second. Our helicopters span long distances fast and ensure patients begin receiving critical care sooner.

TOOLS: Every STARS helicopter, education unit and hangar is equipped with the most advanced medical, aviation and training equipment available. This allows us to deliver world-class care.

TRAINING: Our crew of paramedics, nurses and transport physicians receive cutting edge training to deliver lifesaving care. Our pilots ensure each patient is transported to the hospital in the fastest and safest way possible.

Have you been touched by STARS? Has someone you know? Share your stories with us and use the hashtag #ISupportSTARS to tell us your story.

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