Plan The Perfect Baby Shower From Start To Finish


Plan The Perfect Baby Shower From Start To Finish


Baby showers are a fun and special way of celebrating the arrival of a little bundle of joy with close friends and family. This is an exciting time, with everyone eagerly waiting for the big day. Parents-to-be veer between states of delirious happiness and pensive nervousness, Grandparents wait impatiently for the moment they finally get to cuddle their grandchild, while close friends are simply happy to share in the joy. Baby showers are one of those special occasions that most people fondly remember alongside their wedding day and the actual birth of their child.

Planning a baby shower to perfection

Planning the perfect baby shower doesn’t need to be a manic, stressful and laborious task. To keep the planning process as simple and hassle-free as possible, be sure to follow our baby shower-planning guide, filled with handy tips and cute ideas.

Keep The Mom-To-Be In Mind

What better reason to plan party than a celebrating a new baby? Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, there’s the fun games, adorable themes, whimsical decorations, cute bits and bobs, and did we mention lots and lots of yummy cakes and scrumptious nibbles? It’s easy to get carried away in a tide of cutesy kitsch but it’s worth remembering whom you are planning the celebration for.   Keep the mom-to-be’s personality in mind when hashing out the details. What would she love? Is she boisterous and outgoing or a little bit shy and reserved?

Confirm Guest List And Invitations

Work closely with the guest of honour to finalise the date of the baby shower and guest list. Factor in budget and venue size. Most baby showers happen before the birth of the baby, so be sure to decide on a realistic date that is most comfortable for the mom-to-be. Send out invitations four to six weeks before the baby shower and include a RSVP date. Invitations can be sent via email, social media, text message or post.

Find A Location

Your budget, guest list and theme plays a role in what location would be ideal for the baby shower. Factor in what the guest of honour would prefer. She could fancy a brunch at her favourite café or she might be a homebody and prefer the privacy and comfort of her own home. Below are a few great options to consider when deciding on a location:

  • Café or restaurant. It’s as easy as booking a table and choosing a menu.
  • The home of the host or the guest of honour. If privacy, comfort and familiarity are what the mom-to-be is all about, hosting the baby shower at home is the best option.
  • The great outdoors. Although extremely reliant on the weather, planning a baby shower outdoors opens up a variety of options. You can plan a picnic in a beautiful park or organise a barbeque.
  • Pamper Party. Plan a pampering session at a spa for the expectant mom and a few of her closest friends. This is a wonderfully calm setting and will give the guest of honour some much-needed TLC.

Choose A Theme

There are loads of fun and adorable themes and decoration ideas out there. Do your best to choose a theme that reflects the personality of the guest of honour. It can be as simple as choosing a colour scheme or as elaborate as your imagination and budget will allow. The theme will influence the type of decorations, party favours, games and invitations you choose.

Arrange Baby Shower Games

Not every mom-to-be likes to actively participate in games in front of a crowd, so be sensitive if baby shower games are not her cup of tea. You could always opt for something totally unique like hiring a mobile casino or a magician, as this will provide endless entertainment to all. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to prepare well in advance and make sure you have the necessary supplies. Try and keep games or entertainment simple, fun and exciting, as they are often the most memorable part of the event!

Organise Refreshments

If there’s one thing a pregnant lady can appreciate, it’s a delicious spread of delicious finger foods, cakes and snacks. If the baby shower is being held at a restaurant or café, you will need to select a menu items or arrange a special menu beforehand. Always confirm your guests’ dietary requirements. You can also hire a caterer or ask each of guests to bring along something to share, and a themed cake always goes down well.

These tips should help you throw a memorable shower, and make the mom-to-be feel very special too!

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