Stress-free meals with HelloFresh


Stress-free meals with HelloFresh


The box arrives on your doorstep at the start of the week (on the day you choose) and they might as well have called themselves Food Fairies because they consistently deliver convenience, freshness and 3 less “what’s for dinner?” instigated arguments each week. As a busy working mom HelloFresh checks many boxes for what I need to keep healthy meals simple and affordable during the week. Here is my top 3 reasons why HelloFresh wins out week over week for our family and how it helped my marriage! 

Time Saver. 

Weeks when HelloFresh is coming I save myself about 3-5 hours on the weekend. Hands down this is the best part for me. 2 hours grocery shopping (even if I do it online I still spend some time organizing, making lists and online shopping) and 1-3 hours meal planning and food prepping. This time can be spent cleaning the house, doing crafts with my kids or even escaping the house for a solo workout! Then each night of the week there is more time saved, since most meals take 20-35 minutes from start to served and no one has to run out for that one critical thing you forgot!

Money Saver.

I am one of those moms who puts $50-$100 extra into my cart when I am grocery shopping. Even with a list I am the worst. Something is on sale or catches my eye and I think “oh better get it!” … don’t even get me started on my Costco hauls! The mid-week run to the grocery store for one thing I forgot can turn into $50 fast which all add up. I find that using HelloFresh saves me money (and mid-week trips to the store!), the portions are large and give us enough leftovers for lunches AND I appreciate that the exact ingredients, in the exact amounts needed, are all there. Plus, at the end of the week I have zero food waste, half used cans or bottles in the fridge. 

Marriage saver.

Before HelloFresh I dreaded those mid-day texts from my husband that reminded me (as if I didn’t already know!) that I wasn’t organized in life ….”What’s for dinner?” makes me freeze in panic and then angry that I need to have the answers. Now I just flip him the email of the week or sometimes even let him use the app to pick the meal selections. After a few months of HelloFresh delivering delicious meals he started to check out the visual recipe cards and started making 1 meal a week… then 2 meals and now he makes ALL 3 MEALS each week and it is win-win for us.

Bonus is that the visual recipe cards make it easy for kids to help and get involved in cooking. My kids love unpacking the weekly delivery box and putting the brown bags away in the fridge. Some nights they will help with simple prep and they love being part of dinner making.  Read these Hello Fresh meal plan reviews for more information.   

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Guest Blog Post From Mommy Connections Alumni, Kirsti Stubbs from Embrace Life Simplified

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