Now Available in Canada: New Activewear for Breastfeeding Moms


Now Available in Canada: New Activewear for Breastfeeding Moms


I’m an active person by nature. After my first daughter was born in winter 2017, I was back exercising fairly quickly. For months I tried to find good nursing activewear. Pickings were slim, save for a few camis sold in high street retailers. I ended up wearing a lot of super stretchy tanks and extra loose T-shirts that I could awkwardly maneuver around my breasts for a feed. Everything felt like a compromise in fit and function, and given I nursed my daughter for two years, it was a long time to be unhappy in my workout clothes.

Enter KOJO, a new-to-Canada, European-designed clothing brand for active breastfeeding mothers. KOJO was created by Jana, a mom of two, who envisioned activewear made of sustainable materials and combined with the comfort of T-shirts designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers.

The brand offers a wide variety of nursing attire including T-shirts and long sleeves, tops, sport bras, and even leggings in fun and stylish colours. All KOJO clothes are made from merino wool or modal, making them ideal for all kinds of all-season outdoor activities (running, hiking, jogging, cross-country skiing, walking, boot camps and more).

With my second daughter born this October, I jumped at the opportunity to test out this new line of activewear designed for breastfeeding moms.

When my shirt arrived in the post, the cold-weather appropriate Merino Ms. Browngray style, the first thing that struck me was the gorgeous warm sand and coral colour and the softness of the merino material.

I was hesitant at first about the use of merino—any wool tends to make my skin itch—but the shirt was soft and comfortable. I also learned that merino wool has excellent thermoregulatory properties, helping keep you warm without sweat, thus enabling you to breastfeed comfortably.

Given the amount of snow we had this week, instead of testing out my new shirt on a walk I wore it to a mom and baby yoga class. I loved how comfortable I felt, temperature-wise. Typically in yoga I fluctuate between being too hot (once poses start flowing) to being too cold (once baby needs to feed or you settle into Savasana). With my KOJO top I felt comfortable throughout the entire class without needing to grab an extra layer of clothing or pull up my sleeves.

One thing potential buyers need to be aware of is that the merino wouldn’t be suitable for a warm-weather workout—that’s where the modal fabric options would come in.

It was also simple when it came time to nurse my daughter. The cut is adjusted for easy, comfortable and discreet access to your breasts, and it is designed to make no limitations due to the size of cups and bra you are wearing.

KOJO also has options for other members of the family—a T-shirt for men, as well as onesies, tops, bottoms and hats for babies.

Bottom line: I loved this top. The colour, the fit, the softness of the material, and how I never felt too sweaty or too cold. I finally found a piece of nursing activewear that I genuinely enjoy wearing.

This post is sponsored by KOJO. The company did not review or approve this article.

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