How BioGaia Fixed A Crappy Situation


How BioGaia Fixed A Crappy Situation


When I was offered the opportunity to try BioGaia: Probiotic Drops for Colic Relief and Digestive Health I could hardly volunteer fast enough. My 16 month-old son had recently developed moderate to (sometimes) severe constipation due to teething and we were reaching our wits end.

For the first 14 months of his life he was extremely regular with his bowel movements; which I credited to his great appetite and love of fibrous foods. However, after teeth number five and six popped through things began to take a turn for the worse. His bowel movements would completely stop for one to two days – followed by what I can only describe as a mother’s worst nightmare. My son (TMI warning) would grab ahold of something – his whole little body shaking – and push out the largest, most solid bowel movement you could possibly imagine a little body producing. The whole time he would scream and cry in my arms and I felt completely helpless! All I could do was sit and cry with him; hoping that it would all be over soon and my little boy could go back to his normal self for a few days. 

My doctor and pharmacist both recommended a (gross) sugary syrup to be taken twice a day to ease symptoms… which worked. For a few days. But it always came back, and it was always just as bad the next time. I knew I needed something as a preventative measure and not an after-the-fact fix. My son and I were both exhausted.

I saw results within DAYS of using BioGaia. It was simple to give to my toddler: just a spoonful of 5 drops once a day. With absolutely no change of diet or environment my son became his happy, regular (yup, that regular) self. His bowel movements were soft and frequent once again. **I want to mention that he popped the 2 most horrid, monstrous molars during this month-long trial; and while he experienced other awful side effects of this teething, his constipation was nowhere to be seen.**

I absolutely recommend BioGaia. I am looking forward to continued use with my son and also using it as colic relief for my next little one. I am so relieved to have finally found a product that is maintainable and effective for long term use. Sign me up!

Written by Tori G, our Mommy Connections Red Deer Director

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