You had me at hello.


You had me at hello.


We have recently welcomed our second child and when I was offered the chance to sample Hello Bello diapers, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m not normally a huge celebrity admirer, but I will openly admit to being the ultimate, Kristen Bell fan-girl. Between Gossip Girl, Bad Moms, Frozen and The Good Place, everything she touches is pure gold; I knew that her baby line must be too. 
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard created their very own line of premium, plant based baby products complete with everything from shampoo, baby lotion, vitamins, bubble bath, diapers, wipes and more. They’ve kept the prices low and products accessible as they’ve partnered with large local retailers such as Buy Buy Baby. This company focuses on using organic, non-gmo, and plant based products where they can, and I adore that their mission statement is “To eliminate the choice many parents have to make — deciding what’s best for their kids and best for their budget. We believe in premium for all because every baby deserves the best”. 
I received a shipment of diapers to test out on my 2 month old and the first thing I noticed was how much cuter they are than your average diaper. They come in a variety of adorable patterns you can choose from; ours had baby sloths on them. In three years of parenting and thousands of diaper changes, I have yet to find a disposable diaper SO soft; it made Pampers and Huggies feel rough in comparison. Best of all, after two weeks of using them, my little guy has yet to have any leaks or blowouts! One thing to note is that because they’re so cotton-like, they don’t give the same stretch as other brands, so we had to size up to get a good seal. But once he was in the right size, it was perfect. On top of being so adorable and soft, they are super absorbent.
I was also able to sample a variety of their bath products which made me nervous because both of my children have extremely sensitive skin and my little guy has been breaking out a lot lately. But, these products are plant based and are said to be perfect for babies and sensitive skinned kiddos (they also provide a detailed ingredient list for every product online, if you’re curious like me). The shampoo and body lotion smell amazing and have no artificial fragrances in them. It’s great to have something safe that leaves your littles smelling fresh and their skin staying healthy moisturized, but that isn’t overpowering with fragrance. Best of all, I can use it on both my baby and three-year-old. 
One other amazing product that I want to mention, is their organic baby powder. I never used baby powder on my daughter, but my 2 month old is always very red in the tushie, and we’ve already been battling some minor diapers rashes. I started using the baby powder at diaper changes and he’s since been so much dryer and zero redness! Needless to say, I’m going to keep using it. 
All in all, I am super excited about this Hello Bello line and can’t wait to get my hands on their other products such as the bubble bath and sunscreen and laundry detergent! I believe that every baby really does deserve the best ingredients for their skin and their planet and I’m so happy to have found something that is so cute, affordable, safe and eco friendly. 


Written by our Ottawa Director, and mom of two, Erin Girouard.

Erin was born and raised in Ottawa, and is thrilled to now be able to give back to a city that’s given her so much. 

She joined Mommy Connections as a new mom herself, as a way to fend off feelings of overwhelm and isolation. Through the program, she reconnected with some old friends and made many new ones. Together, they navigated their newfound roles as mamas and shared a lot of laughs (plus a few tears). 

Erin works incredibly hard to provide her class participants with the same experience by creating a safe space where everyone can be themselves, learn, share and socialize.

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