Well hello, Bello.


Well hello, Bello.


In a household with 2 year old twins and an 8 month old, we go through a LOT of diapers and baby care products! I am so happy we tried the Hello Bello diapers from buybuy BABY Canada – these diapers are the softest diapers I have ever felt!  We also love diapers with cute prints, and Hello Bello has tons to choose from. I love the fact that you can choose the prints too, instead of getting a random assortment like other diaper companies. My oldest is skinny, my daughter has an average build, and my youngest is a chubby little guy and these diapers hug each of their unique shapes without leaks and they fit true to size – I’m impressed!


The shampoo scents (we tried Soft Lavender and Vanilla Apricot) smell good enough to eat, making post-bathtime cuddles an even sweeter treat. My daughter has crazy 2 year old hair and we tried the Hello Bello Premium Conditioner for her. It left her hair soft and easy to brush – no more hair brushing complaints – this is one happy mama! The lotion smells great too, and I even like using it for myself.

A unique feature that I LOVE about Hello Bello is their ingredient list – each ingredient is listed on their website with a simple description of what the often complicated names are. Hello Bello values the importance of safe, quality ingredients and this makes me feel confident in using their products on my little ones. Their baby wipes are made of 99% pure water (amazing!), and they have a nice feel to them. Not too wet, and not too dry. All of their products are plant-based, and the majority of them are vegan. As a vegan myself, this makes me so happy! Also – bonus fact, their diapers are manufactured in Canada. Hello Bello offers subscription boxes of diapers and family care products directly from their website. I like this option, especially right now, so I don’t have to leave my house.


Overall, I am VERY impressed with all of the Hello Bello products that I tried. I have tried various premium diapers and care products, but Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have blown this one out of the water. Not only are the diaper designs adorable, the product quality top notch and safe, and the scents absolutely delectable, the prices are easily affordable for every family. Thank you Hello Bello, you have gained a very happy mama as a new customer!






Written By Laura Datema, Mommy Connections London Director

In addition to her new role with Mommy Connections, Laura is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Counsellor and owns a nutrition counselling and meal planning support for moms and their families.

Through all she does, her number one passion (besides her own three babies!) is supporting other moms through pregnancy and motherhood. She believes that every mom deserves a place where she feels supported, loved, and – most of all – understood, and looks forward to providing it through Mommy Connections.

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