A season transition brings a change in routine


A season transition brings a change in routine


The temperature is getting colder, and the trees are losing their leaves; autumn is slowly setting in. This season is often beloved by people, despite the less-than enticing facts. Skin loses its hydration and softness, it becomes more irritated, and the hands start to crack more, especially during the pandemic when constant hand sanitizer application is the norm. Hair breaks and static builds up. The lips are so chapped that you don’t even dare yawn. Fatigue takes hold of us as we watch the sunset earlier than usual, leaving us to spend the rest of our evening in heavy darkness. But now is the time to honour this season (my personal favourite) by learning some new tips and tricks to make the most of it.


S.O.S itchy dry skin

First, let’s take a bath. Your body will feel relaxed from the hot water, and the irritants will subside. Then, gently exfoliate your face, body, and especially your hands with Green Beaver Sensitive Aloe Natural Exfoliant to dislodge dead cells. It’s made of microfiber bamboo, so it doesn’t pollute the water with micro-plastic beads. Follow up by applying the Lavender Natural Body Lotion to rehydrate yourself. The captivating scent of lavender is the perfect conclusion to your time of relaxation. Repeat this ritual once a week and say goodbye to itchy skin!


Static everywhere, static in my hair

It’s no secret that the cold affects the hair. It makes it more fragile, brittle and dehydrated. Your saviour: Green Beaver Coconut Moisturizing Natural Shampoo & Conditioner. Jump in the shower, wash your hair first, condition it and leave it in your hair for a few minutes. While the conditioner is doing its work, do the rest of your shower routine, rinse and voila! It is essential not to blow-dry your hair frequently as this is quite damaging.


Can’t smile because of chapped lips

There is nothing more disagreeable than chapped lips. Natural and effective, don’t be afraid to apply Natural Lip Balms morning and night to regain your comfort. Another helpful tip: drink lots of water!


Now that you’re hydrated, the discomfort is gone! Plus, your skin will thank you for using natural, healthy products. And what better way to end this article than with good news: November 5th is World Recycling Day. We are proud to inform you that we are currently researching and developing new eco-friendly packaging for all our products.


Enjoy fall in all its splendour, and take care of yourself!

Green Beaver Team

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