Avoiding Boot Battles: How To Get Your Kids To Put On Their Boots – Without The Drama!


Avoiding Boot Battles: How To Get Your Kids To Put On Their Boots – Without The Drama!


Is getting your child to wear their boots having you feeling a little, er, stuck in the mud?  If boot battles are something that you dread,  here are 5 tips for a smoother process!


  1.  Kids love to feel that they are the ones in charge, so let them! Ask them their favourite colour or animal and find boots that match. They will be proud to show off and tell everyone how cool their new gear is. 


2. Boots in the house? Absolutely! Let your little one know that they can wear their brand new boots in the house for one day before they become for outdoors only. They will have great adventures playing dress up. Set up a little photoshoot and have them model their new find and send the pics to Grandma.


3.  Matchy match! Can you possibly wear too many unicorns or dragons at one time? Nope! Get them the full matching gear from umbrella to rain coat and matching boots and watch them strut their stuff in style. 


4.  Get familiar with boots (read picture books about kids and boots, we like “Big Sarah’s Little Boots”) and talk about all of the adventures you will have in their new boots.


5.  Offer them fun ways to get their boots on! From trying them on their hands first, pretending to be a phone, to having their favourite stuffy put them on first, if you make it fun, and funny, the process tends to go much smoother! 


If your little one wants to wear their boots and is excited to put them on, boot battles will be a thing of the past and the battle may be taking them off!

Our Mommy Connections team was gifted some AMAZING Hatley rain boots and Hatley rain coats.  Here’s just some of what our team had to say:

”We’ve been buying Hatley rain gear since my 5 year old was a baby. The patterns, colour changing options and co-ordinating jackets, boots and umbrellas all spell happy kiddos (and mamas who like to take cute puddle jumping photos!).”

“My daughter and I went out in search of puddles in our neighbourhood, and boy did we find some! Aasha loved how comfortable to boots were, and the jacket is super soft, not stiff like other rain gear we have tried. The absolute icing on the cake was the hearts on the jacket changed colours when wet! 💧💦☔️🌦”


“Her (and my!) favourite part about the jacket (besides the pink and the unicorns 😂) is the soft lining. It’s a beautiful periwinkle terry that is so comfy and cozy. All the other patterns from Hatley are equally adorable, and being able to match the print on the boots and the jacket is awesome! ⁣  Another cool feature on these jackets is when it rains, some of the unicorns change colour!”

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