Sun’s Out, Silky Smooth Bum’s Out!


Sun’s Out, Silky Smooth Bum’s Out!


I confess: All these years I didn’t realize the scope of The Rocky Mountain Soap Co’s product line.

Of course they make their namesake soap—and it’s gorgeous. Silky bar soap, hand and body wash, kitchen soap and shower gel. They also make hand cream, hand sanitizer, deodorant, sunscreen and hair products, all handmade in Canada with 100% natural, simple ingredients. Think: Olive oil, sunflower oil, organic fair trade shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and more.

When I found out they also carry a baby line I jumped at the opportunity to try out a few of the products. Their Baby Care collection includes baby butter, bum balm, foaming wash, bar soap and stain remover, as well as belly and nipple butter for mom.

With a six-month-old at home as well as a three-year-old, I went right for the Baby Bum Balm and Spotless Stain Remover.

The Baby Bum Balm is made with jojoba, calendula and chamomile, and without any sulfates, parabens or phthalates. It’s priced at $23.00 for a 120g pot. It also comes in a small size, 60g, for $13.00.

Looking at the product on the Rocky Mountain Soap Co website it has rave five-star reviews, and I can see why. The product packaging is appealing, the texture of the balm is very silky and not too oily, and it has a refreshing, slightly floral smell that I assume is from the chamomile. I loved using it on my little one’s tush, especially to act as a barrier cream during longer stretches in the night. It left her skin feeling silky smooth and helped reduce any little bit of redness that she sometimes gets, especially after a bowel movement. If you’re familiar with the Substance Baby Nappy Ointment by the Matter Company, I found it worked similarly well, but the Rocky Mountain balm was a little less wet when rubbed between your fingers, which I liked.

The Rocky Mountain Soap Co also recommends using the Baby Bum Balm for cradle cap and dry skin too, although I haven’t tried it for those purposes yet.

The Spotless Stain Remover ($6.95) came to the rescue when my preschooler’s beloved straw-coloured rabbit encountered blueberries during snack time. A good rub from the stain bar, waited 10 minutes for it to do its thing, tossed in the machine on gentle cycle, and bunny was good as new.

I’d definitely recommend these products to parents who place importance on all-natural ingredients. I think they’re good value for money and I love that they’re all handmade in Canada, so you’re supporting local too.

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