PolicyMe – Life Insurance Made Easy


PolicyMe – Life Insurance Made Easy


Last weekend my husband and I went for dinner at an old friend’s house. Both us and this couple had gotten married, had two children each, bought a house and became healthier in our lifestyles.


After a few horderves and cocktails, the conversation changed from what has happened in our lives to what we are planning for in the future. The topic of life insurance came up and I jokingly (sort of) said that I couldn’t even think of what I wanted to do tomorrow, let alone think so far ahead into my future. Our friends looked at each other and then back to my husband and I and said NOT jokingly that isn’t funny! Now that we are parents we need to plan for the unexpected.


Of course we have discussed, as a couple, things that we want for ourselves and our children, such as for them to be able to do extra-curricular activities, go to summer camp and be able to go on a vacation once or twice a year. But never the more serious conversations like what would happen if one of us were to die unexpectedly? Do we have enough money saved so that we aren’t leaving our kids, or each other in a position where it would be difficult to maintain the lifestyle that we strive to have?


It was actually kind of embarrassing that here we were, late in our 30s, without a concrete plan in place to help us feel secure in our future and give us peace of mind in the event that one or both of us should pass away. 


We left the dinner with our tummies full and slight indigestion. It was great to see our friends again but it was also obvious that they were ahead in their planning for their future. That’s just what happens though when you have toddlers running around, you live in the moment but now I knew I had some research and work to do.

The next morning, I made a pot of coffee, got out my laptop and typed into Google “Life Insurance”. About a million different results popped up and I knew this wouldn’t be an easy decision. How would I know which one to choose? So I decided to alter my search and typed in “Life Insurance for Millenials in Canada”. I’m a millennial, right?


One of the top results was a company called “PolicyMe”. It’s a fully digital Canadian Life insurance company and it got hundreds of 5-star reviews – which is always reassuring.


I opened the webpage and was immediately impressed with the aesthetic of the site. It looked very user-friendly and it said I could get approved in minutes. I learned that PolicyMe is on a mission to help Canadian parents protect their loved ones through life insurance. They pride themselves on providing honest advice, affordable coverage, and an online application system that tells you if you’re approved in minutes and often doesn’t require a medical exam or nurse visit. By simplifying all the unnecessary bells and whistles in the traditional life insurance process, they provide more financial flexibility for parents.


I pressed “Get My Quote” and started answering the questions. None of them required much thinking and they were all fill-in-the-blank or yes or no type of answers. I really didn’t know what we needed so I was happy to see there was an option to get a recommendation for type and amount of coverage. I was able to adjust my answers so that it would provide me with a coverage plan within our monthly budget.


The entire questionnaire took less than 10 minutes to complete! When I submitted my answers, it approved me for Life Insurance in less than 1 minute. I now had access to a fully-underwritten term life policy that was fast, easy and affordable.  


Another thing that I loved about PolicyMe was that the company is led by a team of parents! Of course they would design a website that would be uncomplicated and that provided honest advice about how much coverage is needed for the modern family.  Their advisors are non-commissioned and are there to provide you honest advice (by phone or live chat).


Next time we go to dinner with friends I want to be the one to sound like I have my act together, and I will recommend PolicyMe to anybody looking for a life insurance plan

Written By Alyssa Becker, Mommy Connections East Toronto Director

Alyssa first joined Mommy Connections as a participant in 2017 when her first daughter was 6 weeks old…and she’d been with us ever since!  When her second daughter was born (during the pandemic!) Alyssa began facilitating some of our in-person and virtual programs. As her mat leave was coming to an end, she knew that she wanted to fully commit herself to help create a safe and engaging community for others.  We’re thrilled to announce that she is now the official owner of Mommy Connections East Toronto!

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