Being Active in Be Active Maternity!


Being Active in Be Active Maternity!


During my last two pregnancies, I was scared to Be Active. We had a couple health risks with baby number 1 so I was too nervous to even venture out in the car ride for fear that it would be bumpy. And with Baby number 2, we had previously suffered a loss so I was stuck in the extremely common mindset that any type of movement could result in another one.

Throughout the last 20 months of COVID however, I began to incorporate daily exercise into my routine and the impact has been tremendous on my physical and mental health. So much so that as I became pregnant again this past summer, I was DETERMINED to stick with my routine and finally have a fit and healthy pregnancy.

As the weeks rolled on my everyday workout pants began to become increasingly uncomfortable. The bands would roll down. The back would slouch during a squat and I could feel the compression digging into my growing midriff. Not to mention my sports bras were rapidly becoming too tight as my chest seemed to double in size every day (some might call that a massive win… I say, ouch!)

When I began the search for maternity exercise wear it seemed that there wasn’t a lot to choose from locally! Some women complained of certain brands saying that while comfortable, it was too hot to work out in or that while comfortable, the quality was poor.

So I was very excited to find Be Active Maternity and have the opportunity to sample three of their pieces! The most exciting for me is by far the Empowered Maternity Leggings because they are lightweight, breathable, and so cute! You don’t have to work out to wear them; they are quickly going to become my every day/ going out on the town leggings (even though it’s COVID and like…there’s no town to really go out on). The belly band can be worn up or down and though they have some compression, it’s not suffocating or so tight that they cause seam lines in your skin (something I cannot stand). While working out they do not slide and if you wear them all day, they also do not sag. The quality is impeccable and I will definitely be purchasing several more pairs to wear throughout the rest of my pregnancy. 

My next favourite piece was the Bella Nursing bra. I have purchased my fair share of nursing bras in my day and let me tell you, none have been this cute. I’ve certainly never wanted to show them off before because most resemble something my 90 year old nana would wear! This one came in mauve and has the best criss-cross-strappy-back that can be shown off either on its own or under your workout top. The front has two clasps that easily open for nursing as well as a thicker pad inside to prevent leaks from showing through (they can be removed too). The material of the bra is thick and buttery and I promise, I’m not currently nursing right now and it has become my go-to bra of choice.

Finally I received the Lavender Timeless Maternity Tank. It is a beautiful exercise top that is lightweight, breathable and fits beautifully around my growing bump. I’ve actually started to wear it as a cute undershirt under cardigans too because it’s so comfortable and feels great on my body. I’d go as far as saying it’s almost too nice to work out in 😉

All in all I’m so impressed with my purchases! It’s also important to note that I’m supporting an amazing local mama-business owner, Kelsey, who is the creator and CEO behind the company. I love her mission, and the heart and soul she’s poured into this company is so evident in the products.

I’m just grateful to have some maternity clothes that look great and make me feel comfortable and confident in the skin I’m in!

– Written by Erin Girouard, Mommy Connections Ottawa Director

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