PAUME: Upping Our Handcare Regime


PAUME: Upping Our Handcare Regime


Mothering is hard on our hands. In the early years we change countless diapers, bathe our little ones, prepare food, pack snacks and lunches, wipe tears and noses, play and build. By the time we get to the end of the day our hands have done SO much but often we haven’t done much for our hands.

Living through a pandemic where on top of regular hand hygiene, we have constant sanitizing as part of our daily routine as well. It’s no wonder that our hands have seen better days. Typical hand sanitizers are harsh on our skin, they smell terrible and are often packaged in unappealing, disposable plastics that are damaging to our environment.

Enter PAUME.

Founded by Toronto based Mother Amy Welsman, it was the birth of her daughter and the realization that there had to be a better option out there for hand care products that inspired her to create PAUME, a unique, effective and nourishing formula with packaging that is both elegant and sustainable. PAUME’s signature refillable pump looks as at home in the nursery as it does in a stylish living or dining room.

The plant based, natural and gentle formula hydrates the skin with emollients and moisturizes as well as kills 99.9% of bacteria. It is the spa-like scent that instantly captivated me and also the Moms in our Mom & Baby sessions who sampled it. It truly smells like an indulgent treat for yourself. The formula is made with a gorgeous blend of essential oils. PAUME’s signature scent boasts five essential oils to delight your senses with notes of cedar, citrus, rosemary and lavender. A luxurious spa-day for your hands that doesn’t at all have the strong alcohol smell that most hand sanitizers do.

I also love PAUME’s commitment to the environment and their thoughtful packaging of their products reflects this. The PAUME Pump can be refilled using the refill bags, each spout pouch bag uses 60% less plastic than a bottle. Each bag fills the PAUME Pump twice, or the 90ml Antibacterial Hand Gel Bottle or 250ml Exfoliating Hand Cleanser Bottle multiple times. The smaller dispensers (which are great for your diaper bag on the go) are made with at least 65% PCR and are also designed to be refillable.


PAUME is safe and gentle, it can be used on children 2+ years old. It is a product that you can feel good about using and that you will look forward to using – and who thought we’d ever say that about hand sanitizer?!  Self-care for yourself can start with caring for your hard working hands. Now more than ever, we need products that are good for our bodies and mindful of the planet. PAUME believes that when you care for your hands, you care for yourself and the world around you.

Use coupon code MCPaume15 at to save 15% off your first purchase and try it for yourself today!

Written by Gillian Kuriyan, Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto Director

Gillian lives in Toronto, Ontario with her family. She is the mom of two children, ages 6 and 2. While on maternity leave from her job as an elementary teacher, she took over the Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto chapter. Covid may have changed her own mat leave, but she’s determined to help moms in the community ‘find their mom squad’ and enjoy their mat leave despite the challenges all of us have faced recently!  She has lived in Toronto for over 20 years and loves to share her experiences as a city mom and all the tips and tricks that she’s gathered along the way. Before pursuing a career in Education Gillian worked in the skincare industry for 6 years so loves getting a chance to try out new products.


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