Orange Naturals: Vitamins Your Kids Will Actually Take


Orange Naturals: Vitamins Your Kids Will Actually Take


When my kids wake up in the morning the first thing they ask is:

“Is it school today?”

Quickly followed by:

“Can I have my vitamins?”

Ah yes, there is a certain satisfaction—dare I say a Mom Victory—when my kids happily take their morning vitamins, especially on days when what they eat is somewhat questionable.

When it comes to choosing my girls’ vitamins, my go-to brand is Canadian-made Orange Naturals.

I learned about Orange Naturals a few years ago and have been supporting this Toronto-based company ever since (if you’re in my Mommy Connections programs you will likely find an Orange Naturals product in your swag bag!). Orange Naturals offers 100+ safe and effective natural health solutions for families that have been developed by Naturopathic Doctors.

My kids and I had the opportunity to review Orange Naturals’ new Kids Omega Squeeze as well as their probiotics—Baby Probiotics + D3 Drops for my toddler and Kids Probiotics Chewables for my kindergartner. Here’s what we think:


Kids Omega Squeeze, Tangerine flavour (ages 1+)
Retails for $34.99

What my kids say:

“Mmm it tastes like yummy orange yogurt!” – My five-year-old
“I want it!” – My two-year-old

What I say:

Do you remember Tang? That highly processed, sugary orange beverage that so many kids in the 80s and 90s grew up on? Well this looks and smells like it, but it’s infinitely better for you!

We’re a mostly-vegetarian household and my girls will not eat fish, so by giving them Kids Omega Squeeze I know they’re getting a daily dose of those essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

If your kids won’t take it from a spoon you can get pretty creative with this one—homemade popsicles, smoothies, etc. My kids lick it off the spoon like dessert, so it hasn’t been an issue!

One thing to watch: The name “Squeeze” is accurate—you have to give the bottle a decent squeeze to get the liquid out. But caution—it can really come shooting out of the bottle when you do!

What Orange Naturals says:

  • Helps support the healthy development of the brain, Omega-3 fatty acids are required for brain health. It can also help kids get a good night’s sleep and help them stay focused at school.
  • Beneficial for immune function.
  • Delicious tangerine flavour that kids will love.

Save $3 when you purchase here with the Orange Naturals promo code ShopOMEGASQUEEZE4


Baby Probiotics + D3 Drops (ages 0-3)
Retails for $19.99

What my toddler says:

Nothing. She refuses to take the drops on their own, so I hide them in the Omega Squeeze!

What I say:

My toddler has dealt with some digestive troubles (constipation) since birth. It may be anecdotal, but we’ve found that giving her probiotics has a positive improvement on her overall digestive health.

I also like how this Orange Naturals version is a combo probiotic / D3 drop, so she’s getting her vitamin D in there too.

What Orange Naturals says:

It all starts in the gut. Supporting your baby’s gut microbiome with this dose of good bacteria can help to reduce colic symptoms and strengthen immune function. This convenient and easy-to-administer formula is boosted with vitamin D3 for healthy bones and teeth too!

Save $3 when you purchase here with the Orange Naturals promo code ShopBABY3


Kids Probiotics Chewables (ages 3+)
Retails for $28.99

What my kindergartner says:

“Can I have my big girl vitamin, please?” And she gives it a thumbs up.

What I say:

In contrast with some other kids vitamins on the market, these really seem like they’re designed for “big kids”. Kids Probiotics Chewables are small, white and circular chewables, more akin to a traditional pill than many other vitamins with bold colours and fun designs. I like this — it’s more easy to distinguish and explain to her that these are not candy and therefore must be treated differently.

What Orange Naturals says:

Helps reduce flu-like symptoms. Taking a daily probiotic can help reduce symptoms like fevers, runny noses and coughs…which means less time away from school!
Promotes favourable gut flora. A healthy gut flora means healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, immune health, and more.
Builds strong bones and teeth. This probiotic formula has added 400 IU of vitamin D3, which is a factor in building strong bones and teeth.

Save $3 when you purchase here with the Orange Naturals promo code ShopKIDS3

You can find Orange Naturals at your local health food store and nearby Loblaws, Rexall Drug Store or Shoppers Drug Mart. They are also available online at and For more info visit


Written by Jen Ellis, Mommy Connections Mississauga, Oakville, & Burlington Director

Jen lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her two girls, aged 5 and 2, her husband, some fish and her British cat. Professionally Jen has worn many hats. She started her career as a dancer and worked for a decade in the PR biz, both which allowed her to work and live in some incredible places across the globe. Today her most fulfilling jobs are being a mama and a community leader. She is thrilled to call the west GTA home and help moms in the community “find their village”.


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