Orange Naturals: FUN ways to get your vitamins!


Orange Naturals: FUN ways to get your vitamins!


For the last little while, my kids would only eat certain foods and nothing else.  Sound familiar? Although it might be a phase, I started to worry about the nutrients they were getting. At a recent checkup, my doctor advised me to continue to give vitamin D3. I also asked about starting an omega supplement as I grew up on cod liver oil pills. I also spoke with a pediatric dietician who told me to look at the whole week of food intake as opposed to a single meal but agreed adding an omega supplement was not a bad idea.


This was around the same time I was introduced to Orange Naturals, a Canadian company that has a whole line of supplements and vitamins for babies and kids of all ages! We tried the Kids D3 Drops and the Kids Omega-Squeeze and we love both!  They both have an all natural orange taste, which is so yummy!

Every drop of the Kids D3 Drops has 400IU, the perfect kid-sized dosage! The dropper is so easy to use and my kids enjoy taking the drop on their finger so they feel a part of the process!

I also got the Kids Omega-Squeeze which we use in various ways including homemade watermelon popsicles (a far cry from the huge cod liver oil pills I would swallow as a kid!). The popsicles are super easy to make – just juice the watermelon, squirt the recommended amount of Kids Omega-Squeeze, and freeze! #MomHack – put the Kids Omega-Squeeze first so that it’s at the tip of the popsicle. That way, no matter how much of the popsicle is finished, they will have their dose of omega first.  

We also squirt a bit of our Kids Omega-Squeeze in plain yogurt, our afternoon smoothies, and as a treat we whipped it to have with our pancakes which was a huge hit! My kids enjoy all of these options and I love how easy it is to give it to them with no fuss!

Another fun resource they have is a kid-friendly brochure with illustrations of the four FUNdamentals for growing up healthy. This was fun to read with my 4 year old as she is really interested in understanding what healthy means. The characters talked about:


They have a great blog with lots of informative pieces on natural health and wellness for not only kids, but the whole family! Head over to their blog platform.  Our experience with Orange Naturals has been wonderful and I really appreciate their mission to make natural health accessible! 

Check out their amazing, extensive offers for KIDS here!

From colic and teething, to growing pains, eczema relief and simply everyday health essentials, you can count on Orange Naturals for safe, effective natural health solutions!



Use BACK2SCHOOL and SAVE $3 on all Orange Naturals KIDS products when you spend $50 on your next order.  Shop now at 


Written by Nita Mohapatra the Director for Mommy Connections North York!

Nita lives in North York with her husband and two daughters, 4 and 1.  She started the chapter in North York in November 2021 after she realized there was a need to connect moms to local experts and businesses catered for babies in the area. She is known to be able to build connections easily. Professionally, she has an MBA and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach working with moms returning to work after maternity leave.  She loves to empower moms to reach their full potential!  In her new role at Mommy Connections she loves how she can connect moms in the community, sharing her own experiences, and learning from all the experts! 


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