Sharing IS Possible – A Review Of The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Game Experience


Sharing IS Possible – A Review Of The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Game Experience


I always dreamed of having two babies who would grow up to be best friends with their built-in playmate to take on life with. When I was pregnant for a second time, we learned we would be having another boy. Everyone would reaffirm my hopes by saying “How incredible! Two boys, they will be best friends, etc.” In my naivety, I assumed once I got through the newborn phase, while it would still be chaos, this mama would have a break and they could entertain each other. 

As we recently surpassed the one year mark with our youngest, he has a newfound interest in my three-year-old’s toys. I struggled constantly with trying to teach my oldest the value in sharing your toys, my littlest not to take the toys from his brother, and that they could in fact play together. I found myself breaking up more fights and wishing there was a toy that could entice and hold their attention at their appropriate developmental level, but also provide the opportunity to play together without being on top of one another. A tall order!

I recently tried the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 4-in-1 Game Experience, an educational toy for ages 9 months to 3 years old. When it arrived it came with clear instructions, all materials, and the ability to click and screw the pieces together seamlessly. It took about 10 minutes to build. This toy has layers of activities for the littlest explorer to the most imaginative toddler with 4 ways to play and introduce different sports including basketball, soccer, and baseball sports toys plus pretend concession stand and light-up interactive scoreboard!

Review of the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Game

I really enjoyed how at the foundational level my littlest is able to work on gross motor skills through sport, gain exposure to different songs and phrases, but, more so, it was the small details such as the concession items must go back in specific places based on their shape that provided another opportunity to learn.

For my toddler he is able to learn counting and phrases, continue to play various sports, and then play concession stand with his brother (a perfect opportunity to boss him around!). 

The Fisher-Price Laugh& Learn 4-in-1 Game Experience has 10 removable pieces and buttons to activate 100+ songs, sounds, and phrases with 3 Smart Stages® learning levels. This toy allows them to play together intentionally.  They are learning self-confidence in their fine motor skills, continuing their education, and actually interacting together and learning to share – all through play. Most importantly, this toy allowed this mama to get her break!

It can be tough managing the chaos with two little babes, having high expectations for their interactions to always be friendly and seamless.  When it comes down to it, playing together is another skill that must be learned, and this toy is giving them the opportunity to do just that!


Written by Alex Wendling, Program Director for Mommy Connections Hamilton. Alex lives in Waterdown with her husband and two sons, 3 and 1.  She started the chapter in Hamilton in August 2022 after she realized there was a need to connect moms to local experts and businesses catered for babies in the area after participating and facilitating for other Mommy Connections programs. She is loves to build connections and share various experiences with others. Professionally, she works in sponsorship and branding and hopes to empower moms to embrace this new journey no matter what it may look like for them!  She loves to empower moms to reach their full potential!  In her new role at Mommy Connections she loves how she can connect moms in the community, sharing her own experiences, and learning from all the experts!

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