DJ Bouncin’ Beats: A fool-proof formula to dance, learn and laugh!


DJ Bouncin’ Beats: A fool-proof formula to dance, learn and laugh!


DJ Bouncin’ Beats by Fisher Price has been a cool new addition to our family! This interactive musical learning toy has both my 22 month old and 4 year old bouncing, dancing, singing and giggling – all at the same time!   


We love how many different ways there are to interact with the toy. My childrens’ favourite is when their voice is recorded and played back with a fun remix effect.  My older daughter instructs my little one when to sing, based on when DJ Bouncin’ Beats turns red (which is when he is recording.)   Not only does it play music, have phrases and songs – it also has a fun bouncing action due to its motorised spring bottom – quite true to its name! 


This is a great game to bring out when I am busy prepping dinner and need time without my little one hanging on to me.  I really like how this toy is for ages 9 months to 36 months  (although my daughter is older and still loves it!)  She feels very empowered that she can help her little sister to follow instructions as it is very easy for her to understand! The DJs voice is very cute and inviting and there are  3 Smart Stages® learning levels which teach the alphabet, colors, counting 1-10, and opposites.  Babies who are sitting can enjoy Stage 1 – they can press the buttons, watch DJ bounce and hear the songs.  Once your baby is standing and perhaps even walking, they can try Stage 2 where the alphabet, numbers and colours are introduced.  Stage 3 is for toddlers, with the introduction of pretend play and acting like animals, and recording songs and opposites. In total, there are over 75 songs, sounds and phrases!


I also noticed that no matter how many times the buttons were pressed there were easy transitions into whatever the kids were choosing.  You know when you channel surf on your TV and each channel is so different it can be jarring?  Thankfully it doesn’t feel like that at all with this toy, as you know your children will inevitably press all the buttons a hundred times!


The toy is super easy to remove from the packaging.   You don’t need any scissors and the toy is ready to play with right away!


If you are looking for a toy that is fun and gets your little one on the move check out DJ Bouncin’ Beats


Written by Nita Mohapatra the Director for Mommy Connections North York!

Nita lives in North York with her husband and two daughters, 4 and 1.  She started the chapter in North York in November 2021 after she realized there was a need to connect moms to local experts and businesses catered for babies in the area. She is known to be able to build connections easily. Professionally, she has an MBA and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach working with moms returning to work after maternity leave.  She loves to empower moms to reach their full potential!  In her new role at Mommy Connections she loves how she can connect moms in the community, sharing her own experiences, and learning from all the experts! 

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