Daycare Checklist: What to Pack and How to Label for Daycare


Daycare Checklist: What to Pack and How to Label for Daycare


One moment you’re a brand-new mom, then you blink, and you’re packing for daycare! You’re probably asking yourself where the time went – and what and how do I pack for daycare!?

The most important factor for a smooth and safe transition into daycare is being organized. A big part of that organization is name labels. Everything that goes to daycare needs to have a label – everything! The organization pros at Mabel’s Labels have us organized with this sample daycare packing list and some instructions on how you can keep everything identified (while still being super-cute):


Diaper Bag or Backpack: Pack everything in an easy-to-carry backpack or diaper bag. Make sure your bag is clearly labeled to be easily identified. The Daycare Label Pack includes cute Bag Tags that work wonderfully.

Diapers, Diaper Cream, and Wipes: It’s essential to label all your diaper creams and wipes – mix-ups can lead to irritable skin and health concerns. A Large Rectangle Label will work perfectly on the lid of creams and wipes packages (which is also included in The Daycare Label Pack)

Spare Clothing: You can never pack too many! Especially when your little one is potty training. Remember, extra socks! A great option is either Tag Mates, which are included in the Daycare Label Pack, or for another super simple solution, try The Mini Clothing Stamp.

Outerwear: There are many look-alike jackets, so label your outerwear! Remember all the mittens and hats too. Peel-and-stick will stay on through the washer and dryer, so you don’t have to keep re-labeling.


Indoor Shoes: Make sure the inside of your little one’s shoes are labeled, so they don’t end up in the lost and found pile. These Preschool Shoe Labels make it easy for kids to identify left from right. You can purchase them separately or as part of the Preschool Label Pack.

Pacifiers: Depending on the type of pacifier, you should be able to fit a small waterproof Pacifier Label on the front of it. If you’re trying to label a silicone pacifier, no adhesive labels will stay on it; a good solution is to label and attach a pacifier clip.

Bottles: Bottles can be the easiest culprit of viruses spreading, so labeling them is a must. When they’re being used with formula and breastmilk, strict labeling policies are in place. Baby Bottles Labels are personalized with your baby’s name, and you can write dates on them using a fine-tip dry-erase marker, then wipe or wash them off for the next use! They’re dishwasher, sterilizer, and bottle warmer safe.

Comfort items: Pack some additional lovies, blankets, or special comfort items. It can make naptime feel more like home. Daycare centers will wash these regularly. Luckily the Daycare Label options are all laundry-safe labels.

A Family Photo: It’s a fun little addition and gives your little one something to look at when they feel sad or lonely.

Important Tip: If you have a little one with any sort of medical condition or allergy you should really check out the great options for Kids Safety Labels Mabel’s Labels.

 Labeling will help to avoid germy mix-ups, and keeping a safe environment for staff, babies, and their families is always of the utmost importance. Plus, labeling can avoid the hassle of re-purchasing pricey items. The first weeks of daycare can be a big, scary adjustment, but with some organization and preparation, you can return to work feeling ready and excited.

Check out all the Daycare Label options at Mabel’s Labels.


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