Glitter Girls: Sparking Fun and Positive Playtime Adventures


Glitter Girls: Sparking Fun and Positive Playtime Adventures
















As a former teacher, I know that role play with dolls allows children to act out different scenarios and experiences that they may encounter in their lives. Dolls can help children to develop empathy, build self-confidence, work on their social and cognitive skills, and gain an understanding of their own feelings and those of others.


Enter Glitter Girls!


My 7 year old daughter and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to unbox not one, but two Glitter Girls dolls!  She helped me with this review, to explain just how amazing these fashionable dolls are! These 14” posable dolls are simply adorable and relatable.

The first thing my daughter pointed out was how ‘cool’ their outfits are, and what I liked about them was that they were age-appropriate and fun outfits that I could see my own daughter wearing to school! Pink high top shoes, printed leggings, sparkly tops and customizable headbands – the Glitter Girls dress how girls today dress.


Each Glitter Girl comes wearing a fun and fashionable outfit with cute accessories too. Being poseable (their arms bend at the elbows and rotate at shoulders, legs bend at knees and rotate at hips) – my daughter also found them easy to get dressed in their many outfits and accessories and could switch up between the dolls to create different outfit combinations (her favourite part!). With many outfit sets between $14.99 – $19.99 it is also affordable to mix and match their outfits and looks.

There is a variety of dolls to choose from, the Glitter Girls have vibrant personalities and interests that shine through that will appeal to today’s ambitious and creative girls. With her soft pink hair and removable purple hair extension, my daughter loved Glitter Girl ‘Nixie’ and found her fun and playful. She also loved ‘Tippie’ as she felt that she looked the most like her with her long dark brown hair. Whether looking for a girl that mirrors her own look or embodies a creative look she’d like to try – the Glitter Girls have so many looks and personalities that there’s truly one for everyone.



It’s All In The Details

Well made with quality features like soft silky hair that is fun to brush, rooted eyelashes and poseable arms and legs, Glitter Girls are exquisite in their details. Their stylish outfits and accessories and their sparkling personalities are designed for today’s girls – they embody the confidence and creativity that young girls today possess. An affordable doll that ensures that all girls can enjoy the many benefits and develop new understanding and insights through role playing and acting out scenarios and situations with their dolls. Glitter Girls are sure to be a doll that will fill a child’s day with imagination and laughter.

Explore the Glitter Girl collection at Walmart Canada today and bring the sparkle home!


Written by Gillian Kuriyan, Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto Director

Gillian lives in Toronto, Ontario with her family. She is the mom of two children, ages 7 and 3. While on maternity leave from her job as an elementary teacher, she took over the Mommy Connections Midtown Toronto chapter in 2021. After experiencing the challenges of being on mat leave with an infant during Covid AND homeschooling her then 4 year old, but she’s determined to help moms in the community ‘find their mom squad’ and enjoy their mat leave to the fullest.  She loves to share her experiences as a former teacher, city mom and all the tips and tricks that she’s gathered along the way.



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