15 Blogs Explaining How to Create Balloon Animals for Your Party

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balloon-animalsKids love balloons, but amazingly enough adults are also fascinated with them.  Hiring a professional to create balloon animals for your kid’s party can be pretty expensive.  Why not learn how to make balloon animals yourself?  There are basic animals that are easy enough for beginners as well as more advanced designs that may take some practice.  If you are not sure that you can handle a whole party of making balloon animals you may want to create some balloon decorations or sculptures to dress up the party instead.  Take a look at these 15 blog entries and follow the instructions for creating your own balloon animals and decorations.


Even if you’ve never twisted a single balloon animal you can learn how. Make a dog, a sword and a flower in only minutes after watching some of these videos posted on these five blogs.  Some instructions are given by video and others by pictures and printed directions.  Take a look and see what you can learn.


Once you’ve mastered the basic balloon animals you may want to learn some of the more complicated shapes.  Just think if you become proficient at balloon twisting you could start your own business or help out at school events.  Check out these five blog post with more advanced balloon twisting.

Balloon Sculptures

Balloons equal fun and there’s nothing like having a bunch of balloons around to make a party more festive.  Hiring a professional balloon sculptor to come and create something for your event could cost several hundred dollars or more.  Instead of shelling out a ton of money you can make it yourself by following the directions given on these five blog articles.

Erick Traplin has been one of Ontario’s sought after children’s entertainers for more than 20 years; performing his fun-filled, high energy and interactive concerts at schools, libraries, fairs, corporate events, and community events. Erick captivates young audiences wherever he goes. Erick knows music is the universal language that connects us all, regardless of age, race or ability. He says “Music communicates at a level far deeper than words can, and penetrates our whole being. It’s great stuff!”

In Erick’s discography, of more than 100 songs, not only will you find the songs fun to listen and dance to, with his unique brand of music using various genres, but you will also find messages of getting along, persistence and perseverance, respect for oneself and others, the environment and being yourself. Approximately 95% of his songs are his own material. He arranges, records and produces all his music.

A few of Erick’s most recognizable (and requested) songs are: Bubbles, Chick a Boom, Spiderman, The Chicken Song, Blast Off, Sailing on a Pirate Ship, Say La La, and The Window Washer. Along with his children’s Cd’s, he has also recorded a Cd for adults he performs at area pubs and retirement homes.

With success of as a songwriter and performer, Erick has expanded his artistic horizons by writing children’s books based on his songs: The Christmas Mouse (song of the same name), Plucky the Persistent Little Hen (based on “The Chicken Song”) and Sign and Sing,, which is in collaboration of sign language company “Little Hands Talking” , a book and Cd combination. The book has eight illustrated songs, complete with the sign language for each one. Erick has a few more books in the planning stages.

When you see Erick perform (or just listen to his Cd’s) you will quickly realize that he loves what he does. With this gift and talent, Erick 62, is only in his 23rd year of being a professional singer, and that his original goal as a singer was for adults, but quickly developed his niche for children’s music. At age 39 he got serious about wanting a career that made an impact on others. Up until then, he was a jack-of-all-trades…working at various factory jobs or driving trucks.

What a smart move he made! Now, Erick is performing for the second generation of kids. Erick has stated that he plans to never retire. He is eager to perform for the third generation of kids.

Visit Erick Traplin’s website: CLICK HERE!

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