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The Alberta Government is committed to ensuring that our kids stay active and eat healthy! The 2013 Healthy U Experiment is designed for kids aged 6-12

 Here are the reasons that we think your family should sign up:


Firstly – what is the 5&1 Experiment? Watch the Video Here:

Healthy U is an initiative of the Government of Alberta that supports and encourages Albertans to lead healthier lifestyles by providing information and resources on healthy eating and active living.

In 2012, the Healthy U campaign encouraged parents and caregivers of children 0-5 to be Health Champions for their kids. The Healthy U Jr. Chef app was developed to provide parents with simple, convenient recipes and a meal planner; and kids with interactive games to help teach them basic food preparation skills. In 2013, Healthy U continues its work to support families with the 5&1 Experiment.  The experiment teaches children 6-12 the importance of getting at least five servings of vegetables and fruit and at least one hour of physical activity each day. How? By helping them discover for themselves just how fun and easy healthy eating and active living can be.

With the 5&1 Experiment, your kids will develop new healthy habits by tasting new nutritious foods and discovering fun new ways to exercise.

Why Participate in the Healthy U 5&1 Experiment?

Kids 6-12 need at least five servings of vegetables and fruit and at least one hour of physical activity each day. Developing these healthy habits will help your kids improve their fitness and self-confidence, maintain a healthy weight and do better in school.

Kids love science experiments and the idea that an unexpected reaction can lead to a fun new discovery. The 5&1 Experiment is comprised of 42 online experiments that make healthy food and activity cool things for kids to discover. You and your kids can complete two fun, easy experiments a day over 21 days (the length of time that can help you develop a new habit) or if you’d prefer, you can pick and choose experiments to try on your own schedule. It’s very flexible.

Many of the 5&1 experiments take only 15 minutes. Adding them to your routine will help your kids reach their daily recommendations for healthy eating and physical activity. Every bit counts. So sign up today! Not only is signing up great for your families health – you can also win some amazing prizes!  All you need to do is sign up online to participate in the Healthy U 5&1 Experiment, and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $1,000 Sobey’s Gift Card or four bikes with helmets from Canadian Tire (value approximately $1,500). View the contest rules here.

How to Participate in the Healthy U 5&1 Experiment

Parents and caregivers of young children are an important ingredient in the Healthy U 5&1 Experiment. All 42 experiments were developed to be simple and low cost, but depending on the age of your children and the nature of the experiment, may still require your supervision. Some experiments, for example, require that food be chopped or the use of the oven or stovetop. Other experiments require your kids to “buddy up” and explore their neighbourhood. Review each experiment and see where you have a role to play, either as supervisor, participant or supporter.

Learn more. Download a sample experiment kit.

Check out the 5&1 Shopping and Supply Lists – some items are even attached to coupons!

Week 1 Shopping List

Week 2 Shopping List

Week 3 Shopping List

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Healthy U Sponsors




Useful Resources

Healthy U – Healthy Eating


Healthy U – Active Living


Healthy U – Resources


Canada’s Food Guide – Basic Facts


Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines Handbook


Get more information about Healthy U:

If you have comments or questions about Healthy U, our classroom learning materials, or our campaigns and initiatives, please email us at healthy.u@gov.ab.ca

Mommy Connections is thrilled to announce our brand new partnership with Mattel Canada!  Some of their great brands include Fisher Price, Little People, Dora, Thomas and more.

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What does this mean for moms in our programs? All of our programs between August and December, 2013 will have a selection of age appropriate toys for the kids in the classes (and for moms to check out!)  Our Directors will also have some information about how each toy positively affects children’s development. Learning through play is so important and we want to see it in action in our classes!

We will be posting REAL MOM (mostly by our own Mommy Connections Directors) reviews of various toys in August and November to give you great insight into what our kids really love about new toys and actually playing with them!

There will also be chances to win some great prizes for your kids along the way, so be sure to watch our newsletters for details.

Until the end of April, one family PER WEEK is winning a $200 prize – all you have to do is share your child’s Moment of Joy captured in a video or photo.  Get all the details here.

To get all the latest info from Fisher Price; sign up for their newsletter, follow them on twitter and become a fan on facebook.


Mommy connections is dedicated to connecting our moms to each other and the best possible brands and companies in North America – stay tuned for more amazing announcements!

Mommy Mania Featuring

Uppercase Living offers removable vinyl expressions to accent your home and business. Once applied the expressions give the look of hand painting without the mess and clean up. Expressions can be applied to walls (textured or smooth) and most hard surfaces (glass, wood, mirror, etc.). When you are ready to redecorate, the expressions can be easily removed. Hundreds of exclusive  pre-designed expressions are available or you can create a custom design. We have over 50 colors and fonts to choose from. Visit her fanpage for more details!

Answer the Uppercase Living Question of the Day & package valued at $50!
Includes Catalogue, Sample Word, Mini Chalk Wall Vinyl & Expression on MDF Board

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Funkins are bright, reusable fun cloth napkins made especially for kids. They are ideal for lunch boxes and perfect for meal and snack time at home and on the go!
Funkins can be used as both a napkin and a placemat, brightening the table and making clean up easier. They also provide a great protective barrier for public eating surfaces. Keep a few in the car for wipes and spills!
Funkins are 13”x15”, double-sided patterns made from high quality 100% cotton fabric. Funkins are made only with high quality fabrics that are CPSIA Compliant, and are Lead and Phthalate free.
Funkins make great gifts, especially for the holiday season!  Shop our entire collection at myfunkins.com.

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Question – What eco-friendly ideas do you have for packing a lunch box
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A few days after the birth of my daughter Cécile, I created my own nursing top in order to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public settings. The shirt worked perfectly with my squirmy newborn (my midwife was the first one to rave about it) and my friends started to want their own.

Nine months later, I co-founded Momzelle breastfeeding apparel with my brother. That’s how Momzelle was born! Since then, we’ve continually been adding new styles and answering breastfeeding moms’ needs! ~ Momzelle Founder

Answer the Momzelle Question of the Day & Win a Nursing Hoody Valued at $60!

Question – What is your best souvenier from your breastfeeding journey?
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Healthier Habits 

Getting healthy and losing weight is a common New Years Resolutions that is commonly long forgotten by March.  Sometimes just a little information how to eat healthier, can make the difference by taking the focus off the weight loss and putting it back onto what is really important.  Putting good food and the right nutrients in can help your body function properly, give you more energy and even shed some excess pounds.

Over doing it with excessive exercise and cutting way back on calories will deplete your body of the nutrients it requires to be healthy as you lose weight.

Consult your family doctor and a personal trainer for effective exercise strategies that will help you reach your weight loss goals and then consider how some key vitamins can help you get the nutrition you need while getting healthy.

Proper Nutrition For A Healthy Weight 

Eating Healthy – Fill your grocery cart, your fridge and your meals with basic protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and some dairy. Make the calories you are consuming nutrient rich foods.

Multi Vitamin – 
An all natural Multi Vitamin free of artificial dyes, colours and sweeteners can provide your body with the minimum amount of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and folic acids it needs on a daily basis. Add in the vitamins you will get from eating all those fresh vegetables and fruits, and you are on your way to healthy.

B Vitamins – B vitamins re the fuel for your metabolism. They help in cell production, as food digestion. B Vitamins affect glucose tolerance, are involved in energy production and help to control fat metabolism.

Fibre – A high-fiber diet helps to reduce the risk of developing various conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, constipation and some cancers. Plus, for those that had weight loss on their resolution list this year, a high fibre intake has been associated with a lower body weight.

Vitamin D
 – Calcium and Vitamin D work together to not only grow strong bones, but also have been shown to regulate normal blood sugar levels. These important nutrients may also help your body burn more calories and store less fat.

Omega 3s
This essential fatty acid may help you feel full longer, reduce inflammation and help your muscles recover faster after exercise. Omega 3 fatty acids improve the body’s blood flow to the muscles during exercise and help your metabolism work more efficiently.

TO read the full article – – – -> http://www.adultgummies.com/blog/weight-loss-and-vitamins.aspx

Answer the Adult Essentials Question of the Day & Win a Vitamin Prize Package including Multi Vitamin, Vit D, Omega 3’s & B12

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First Food Organics is a Canadian baby food company that focuses on providing healthy, organic options for your baby. We are very proud to be introducing a brand new line of Organic Infant Cereals and Toddler Snacks, launching across Canada in January! Our cereals are made with 100% whole grains, are dairy free and are an excellent source of iron and B vitamins. Our toddler snacks offer healthy options for little ones starting to self feed. Our Yogurt Yums are freeze-dried organic yogurt drops that melt in baby’s mouth. Our Munch Mix is a combination of brown rice puffs with freeze-dried fruit pieces, which also dissolve quickly into soft bites. Our products are certified organic with no added salt, sugar, artificial flavours, colours, additives or preservatives.

Answer the First Food Organics Question of the Day & Win a $50 ‘First Bites’ Starter Pack that includes all of the new products!

Question – Visit the First Food Organics website and tell us what your favourite new product is,
and if you win we will send you an extra case of that product with your prize!
 Tell us about it in the comments section below to enter

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