HERODRIVE DC Super Friends Collection

Written by: Elaine Atkins#MomSquad

With the holidays around the corner it’s time check out new toys for the season! My son is 2 and the preschooler age is a fun one. He is just starting to get to know characters and his imagination is suddenly in full gear!

The Super Friends HeroDrive vehicles are a great size for small hands. My son loves anything on wheels and he was drawn to the colourful cars and “faces” on them. As a mom, I’m a fan of the style of these cars – typical superhero toys can be  a little “dark” and feel too serious for such young kids. The HeroDrive cars are a great way to introduce the superhero world to the little ones.

Each vehicle has a large logo that younger kids can easily push and initiate different lights or sounds. I particularly love the Superman symbol projection! T doesn’t quite know his super heros or villains just yet, but it’s fun to see him getting creative with the cars. The bat mobile is a police car and the Joker car is apparently an ice cream truck! He also uses them to race the other cars he has in his collection and drives them all over the house; through tunnels (under the table) and over bridges (aka the couch cushions). They’re a great addition to his imaginative play time and I can’t wait to see what other types of cars they become as he gets older.

The Super Friends HeroDrive series would be a great gift for any budding super hero fan and preschool aged kid.

Herodrive Mash Machines
Herodrive Mash Machines are mash-ups of your favourite DC Super Friends with rescue and urban
vehicles! These adorable character cars come equipped with flashing lights and character-appropriate
sounds. Push the symbol on the front grill to start the action! Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.
Batteries included. Collect them all!
Ages 3+, $9.99 each at Toys”R”Us & Walmart Canada, Home Hardware

Signal Squad
Light up the streets while chasing down the bad guys with HERODRIVE DC Superfriends Signal Squad! These free-wheeling vehicles feature the iconic heroes Batman, Superman, and The Flash. Press the logo on the hood to project each superhero’s signal! Which city in need will you save next? Collect all 3!
Appropriate for ages 3 and up. Batteries included.Ages 3+, $12.99 each at Walmart Canada
Ages 3+, $14.99 each at Toys”R”Us Canada & Home Hardware

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Well, the Olympics are over and now it’s time to learn about another major, international sporting event coming up on June 14 – the 2018  men’s FIFA World Cup kicking off in Russia! We are learning all about it with the PLAYMOBIL® Take Along 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Arena.

© FIFA, FIFA’s Official Licensed Product Logos, and the Emblems, Mascots, Posters and Trophies of the FIFA World Cup™ tournaments are copyrights and/or trademarks of FIFA.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place at cities in Russia from June 14 through July 15. Teams will compete at 12 stadiums in 11 different cities:

Fun Facts:

The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow can hold around 80,000 spectators.

Iceland and Panama will be competing in its first-ever World Cup.

Peru will return to the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

For the first time since 1986, the U.S. men’s national team won’t compete in the World Cup.

The World Cup comes four years after Russia hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Viewers can catch all 64 matches of the 2018 World Cup live on FOX Sports.

More than 1.69 million tickets have already been purchased since September 2017.

The German men’s national team won the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil in a thrilling 1-0 victory against Argentina.

What better way to teach the kids about the FIFA World cup then with the  PLAYMOBIL® Take Along 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Arena!

Assembly was very simple for this set! The back cardboard has press-out a score board and a practice goal board that just fold together. The case opens up into a large felt covered soccer field. The kids love the feel of it and there’s room for a few kids to play together!

All you need to do is take off the bottom piece and handle and the two large sides just click together. The walls have hollow spots where the case closes together – that are the perfect size to hold the soccer balls that come with the set so they aren’t easily lost when playing.

This set comes with 4 players that are easily assembled, 4 balls and a FIFA World Cup Trophy. The two players can be moved easily with just one hand and by pulling back and releasing the trigger to make the player’s leg can kick the ball and the player can kick the ball high or low depending on where he is positioned.

There are 2 goalies that connect to guide rods, and can be moved left and right, and turn from side to side to save the goal!

PLAYMOBIL also has players from different countries that can join the game, and they’re only $7.99 so you can add a few of your favourites! They come with a ball and a practice goal for shooting on and you can add the players name and number to their jersey!

Mexico and Argentina are joining our game!

Mexico have qualified for their 16th World Cup; only Brazil, Germany, Italy and Argentina have qualified for more.

Argentina finished third in the CONMEBOL standings for Russia 2018 qualifying, reaching the tournament on the final matchday with a 3-1 win in Ecuador.

A 5 year old can easy set up this soccer field and put it back to a case. The best part is that it folds right back to a case when you’re done playing with it so you can store it easy or bring it to a friends house to play!

On the road with your toddler this spring? You need to pack for distraction — hours of it. Books, videos, toys and games abound.

Then, there are the snacks. While you can deal with the kids projectile-launching food at home relatively easily, your hands and senses will be dutifully occupied on the road. You need healthy snacks that fit in their little hands, leaving them full and tantrum-free. It’s important to strike a balance by packing a few of their favorites, as well as mostly healthy, mess-free foods.

Here are eight car-friendly, tasty snacks your kids will love you for bringing along.

  1. Waffles

As long as you don’t use syrup, waffles are already handheld. Pop them in the toaster, pack them and give them to your kid. Though toppings traditionally make the waffle the glorious food that it is — your kid will likely destroy the bare waffle on the spot — it even makes a fun faux steering wheel!

  1. Wraps

Take smaller tortillas and spread seed or nut butter across them for a healthy snack. Whether your kids are fans of peanut butter and jelly or lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches, all you have to do is roll it up and go.

  1. Dry Cereal

Face it. You want to cook the least amount of healthy road trip food possible, and you also don’t want to buy junk from the store stuffed with artificial ingredients. Dry cereal is the answer. Scoop out your toddler’s favorite cereal, then pack it up. They’re sure to spend at least a few minutes happily crunching away.

  1. Fruit and Fig Bars

They’re part cookie, part cake, but they also have fruit in them. Fruit and fig bars are a curiously healthy and enticing road trip snack for your toddler — you’re one sneaky parent.

Ask the grocery store clerk which aisle holds the sacred granola bars, and you’re in business for the healthy fruit snack attack.

  1. Cheese, Please!

Adults and kids alike seem to have a weakness for cheese. The ooey-gooey richness of cheese comes in many flavors and consistencies, like peppery, smoky and herby, for example. There’s cheese for every picky palate. Chances are, your kid loves it in mac-n-cheese. But unfortunately, that won’t do on a road trip.

Cheese and crackers are a classic road trip snack, whether they’re homemade or pre-packaged. String cheese is even better for the car, as it’s an easy peel-to-eat snack without the mess. Your child will have fun peeling back each string and eating it. Plus, the movement is excellent for developing motor skills.

  1. Squeezable Applesauce

Applesauce cups and spoons don’t mix with toddlers — unless they’re practicing invading a castle with projectile fruit mush. Hey, it could work.

Go the squeezable route while you’re on the road if your toddler has a thing for applesauce. Maybe they will squeeze it on their face, but it won’t be on the top of your head. With practice, the applesauce goes inside toddler tummies where it belongs.

With ingenuity, you can even make your own refillable homemade applesauce pouches, though extra-crunchy moms may have to do a taste test through a straw for chunkier applesauce. At worst, it becomes food for a great gag video.

  1. Cut Up Veggie Sticks

Your kids are more likely to get their full spectrum of nutrition in when they eat the rainbow. Health experts advise parents and children to fill their plates halfway with colorful veggies and fruits and the other side with whole grains, protein and other nutritional foods.

You won’t have a plate, per say, on the road trip, but you can still let your toddler taste a healthier rainbow on the road. Cut up veggie sticks of colorful peppers, zucchini, celery and carrots, then throw in cucumber slices for additional water content. Provide dips, such as ranch and peanut butter, with caution.

  1. Mini Muffins

While you can buy a tray of mini muffins, homemade goodies offer more customization, such as mixing in delicious blueberries and walnuts. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, either — use one bowl to mix up your muffin batter. Then, fill the mini muffin tray with care, bake them, pack them up and hit the road.

Simplify Your Next Kid-Accompanied Road Trip With These Tasty Snacks

You love your toddler, but road tripping with your munchkin bodes for a mixed bag of fun and exhaustion for all. Sometimes, all you need is a toddler-friendly waffle steering wheel — that’s also edible — to keep rolling with it.

Schedule messier meals and snacks for pit-stops such as a restroom or walking break. For meals, don’t forget to make a list of kid-friendly restaurants in advance. You can look at menu options early on to help plan the snacks out and make them more nutrition-friendly.

Include these eight mess-free foods to keep the toddler tantrums in check and your baby well-fed — along with your sanity — so you can make the best of memories together on your road trip.

Age 0+

VTech Pull & Sing Puppy

VTech is known for educational and interactive toys and the Pull & Sing Puppy ($16.99) is sure to be a winner with many kids. My guy is already mesmerized by the puppy’s flashing nose and reaches for the colourful buttons. He still needs help pushing the buttons, and he doesn’t understand what the puppy is saying to him but it’s been fun to see his reaction as he observes me moving the puppy around and making it speak.

The Pull & Sing Puppy is designed for ages 6 – 36 months so it’s a toy with longevity. If you’re interested in picking one up you can find them on Amazon and at Toys R Us and London Drugs.

Oyaco Gro Friends Breathable Toys

A perfect cuddly companion for baby with soft, velour graspable hands and made of a breathable, hypoallergenic fabric to make snuggle time even more snuggly. Choose from Ernie Elephant, Raff Giraffe, Henry Hippo or Boppy Bunny.

SRP: $24.95

Oyaco’s Bumbo Playtop Safari

Convert any smooth surface to a safari play time with the playtop Safari Suction Tray.

The Tray easily suctions to the Bumbo trays, highchair trays and tabletops for endless entertainment. With its included bead maze, mirrored book, elephant toy and spinning ball, it’s a good thing there’s a snack and cup holder to keep refreshments close at hand.

SRP: $34.95

Oyaco Ollie the Owl

Ollie is a unique and adorable sleep aid with built in CrySensor technology, helping baby (and Mum and Dad!) to get quality ZZZ’s every night. The latest must have baby sleep essential, Ollie will grow up with little ones and become their trusty sleeping companion, whether on the move, at home or staying with their grandparents.

SRP: $59.95

Bumbo Suction Toys

Designed for playtime and teething, these suction cup toys attach to any smooth surface. The bead maze, rotating body and rattle beads help baby develop motor skills and stay entertained.

SRP: $19.95

stuck on you Personalized Wooden Name Blocks

These Alphabet Blocks from Stuck on You are the perfect gift to help your little one learn the letters to their name!

Measuring 3.5cm x 3.5cm, these blocks are the perfect size for your child to hold in their hand and line up or stack as they like. Made from eco-friendly paint and MDF free, sustainably grown birch wood, making this a safe choice for your child. These blocks are a great quality, lightweight wood that doesn’t chip, perfect for your little one to play with! Choose from a blue blocks with grey felt bag or pink blocks with pink felt bag.

SRP: $19.95 Available at stuckonyou.ca

Age 1

playmobil 1.2.3 Night Train with Track

Set off on the Night Train with Track for a starry railroad adventure. All railway cars can be linked together, with seating for up to three figures (including the conductor) while the movable wheels allow for realistic play around the track. Set includes three figures, three railroad cars, railroad tracks and other  accessories.
Price: $34.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo, and Hudson’s Bay Company | Age: 18+ months

playmobil 123 Christmas on the farm Advent Calendar

Looks like Santa has arrived with lots of gifts!

The 1.2.3 Advent Calendar “Christmas on the Farm” contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas. Once all the pieces are revealed, discover a winter wonderland filled with lots of farm animals. Includes backdrop, four figures, sleigh, reindeer, farm fence, chickens, cow, pig, dog, and other accessories. Recommended for ages 18 months and up.

Price: $24.99 | Age: 18+ months

VTech Baby Amaze Pretend and Discover Kitty

The Baby AmazeTM Pretend & Discover KittyTM by VTech® is the purr-fect baby doll for your little one. This soft, plush doll is dressed up as a kitty and introduces nurturing concepts and role-play as your child pretends to take care of her. Press the star-shaped button on the kitty’s tummy to learn the days of the week, count from one to five, hear facts about kittens and listen to sing-along songs. Press the light-up heart button to hear sweet phrases about feelings, silly sound effects and short tunes. Whether it’s time to play or time for a catnap, your little one will love cuddling with this adorable kitty.

Age recommendation: 12+ months
MSRP: $19.99 Canadian
Available at Toys “R” Us and London Drugs

Age 2

Review: Baby Amaze Sleep and Soothe Lullaby Doll

Have a fun day or night with the Baby Amaze Sleep & Soothe Lullaby Doll by VTech. Press the day button to hear sweet phrases, nursery rhymes and sing-along songs. Press the night button and rock the baby doll to sleep while listening to nature sounds and lullabies. The soft and huggable baby doll encourages nurturing role play and interaction. The baby doll comes with a pacifier that triggers baby sounds and a blanket that’s perfect for drifting off to dreamland. Good night, sleep tight!

Age recommendation: 2+ years
MSRP: $24.99
Available at Toys “R” Us

Age 3

Funrise Petunia Manor Treehouse (Large Playset)

Use your imagination to transform into the world of Amazia with the Petunia treehouse Playset! This Deluxe play set features three levels and double-sided play! Activate lights and sounds from the show at the top of the manor by placing Luna on the platform. Take her down the working slide and spin her down the pole! There’s also an umbrella that pops open, and a room just for dancing where you can twirl Luna around. Plus, there’s a secret trap door with a ladder that drops down! Includes 3.5” Luna figure and an exclusive Kitty Bat figure you can fly around the attic.
Price: $59.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us Canada | Age: 3+ years

Funrise Amazia Garden Playset (Small Playset)

Luna Petunia, Luna Petunia, how does your garden grow? Amazia is full of incredible and beautiful places, but no place is as pretty as Luna’s garden. This playset includes an exclusive 3.5” garden themed Luna figure, colorful
plants, the magical fun mirror cave and more. Press a button to see the flower magically grow or walk Luna and her friends down the crystal-studded path!
Price: $19.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us Canada| Age: 3+ years

Funrise Fabulosa Café Playset (Small Playset)

It’s time for lunch at the Fabulosa Café, and Luna’s ready to serve you the  finest dishes in the world! Put food into the launcher and send it flying across the café, just like in Amazia. This playset includes an exclusive 3.5” Chef Luna figure, a table, chairs, cabinet, oven, flying food machine and more.
Price: $19.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us Canada | Age: 3+ years

Funrise Beanie Plush Assortment

Everyone’s here and ready for exciting adventures together in Amazia! This 4-pack high-quality set includes adorably beanie plush figures of Luna Petunia, Bibi Bubbles, Karoo and Sammy Stretch! With all of her friends by her side, Luna’s ready for anything.
Price: $10.99 each | Availability: Toys “R” Us Canada | Age: 3+ years


Funrise Luna Petunia 14” Talking Doll

This 14” Luna doll is articulated for play and features her signature, brightly colored outfit and even has hair you can brush and style. And when you push on her magical necklace, you’ll activate sounds from Amazia and some of Luna’s signature phrases from the show! Just stop, breathe, and believe!
Price: $34.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us Canada| Age: 3+ years

Funrise Luna & Friends Collectible Figures (5 Pack)

Everyone’s here and ready for exciting adventures together in Amazia! This 5-pack set includes adorably sculpted and articulated 3.5” figures of Luna Petunia, Bibi Bubbles, Karoo, Sammy Stretch and the exclusive Fellino, the Acrocat! With all of her friends by her side, Luna’s ready for anything.
Price: $14.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us Canada | Age: 3+ years


ÎLO307 Worry Eaters

With the Worry Eaters plush toy, children can confide in their cuddly friend with their deepest worries and fears. The design incorporates a zipper at the mouth, allowing a child to insert slips of paper bearing words that describe their worries or concerns. The Worry Eater will then gobble up the child’s fears (with the help of their parents, of course). Worry Eaters come in various sizes and several characters.
Price: Small – $18.99 Large – $27.99 | Availability: Specialty toy stores and select bookstores across Canada | Age: 3+ years


playmobil Jewel Thief Police Operation Advent Calendar

The sly thief was able to burgle the jeweler’s shop and now aims for the content of the safe (which can also be used as a coin bank). Will the policeman on his motorcycle arrive at the scene in time so that he can stop the burglar?

Price: $31.99 | Age: 3+ years



stuck on you Puzzles

Personalized Christmas Puzzle

Our high quality wooden jigsaw puzzle makes the perfect Christmas gift for someone special. With several exquisite designs to choose from, you’ll find something to suit every personality. You can personalize the puzzle to add an extra thoughtful touch to this festive gift, and watch as children spend hours putting it together and tipping it out to start over again.

Personalized Name Puzzles

Stuck on You® Wooden Puzzles are a beautifully crafted personalized gift and an educational toy for kids. Our wooden name puzzles collection includes a variety of wooden puzzles made by our dedicated team. Made from the finest materials Stuck on You® Wooden Name Puzzles are MDF and lead free and are available in pastels or bright primary colours. Combining fun and education, Wooden Name Puzzles are a tactile toy that help kids with letter and number recognition.  Contact the friendly team at Stuck on You® for further information on our Wooden Name Puzzles and Personalized Gifts. Stuck on You® the coolest wooden puzzles and personalized gifts.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

Stop puzzling over the perfect personalized gift. Our high quality wooden jigsaw puzzles have arrived. Our Design Team has created 10 exquisite designs, with something to suit every personality. personalize the puzzle with the name of a special person, and they’ll spend hours putting it together and tipping it over to start again. These beautiful wooden puzzles look fabulous in any playroom or nursery, and will become a timeless keepsake for years to come. Made from high quality laser cut plywood, the Large Jigsaw Puzzle has 24 pieces and measures 390mm x 260mm.


SRP: $25-45 Available at stuckonyou.ca

Age 4

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Play games, take pictures, and get active with the new Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 recommended for ages 4+ and up. Does your kid love putting fun filters on their pictures? With the Silly Me app on the Smartwatch DX2, they can do just that and customize their watch’s background!

playmobil Advent Calendars

Santa’s Workshop

Become Santa’s little helper with the PLAYMOBIL Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar. The calendar contains 24 surprise toy items, all designed to decorate Santa’s workshop. Included within the surprises are a Santa figure, elves figures, a reindeer with sleigh, gifts and toys!

Price: $31.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo Stores and Hudson’s Bay Company | Age: 4+ years



NHL Rivalry on the pond

Race across the frozen pond for a shot on goal! The NHL® Advent Calendar – Rivalry on the Pond contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas. Once all the pieces are revealed, set up the players on the ice and let the match begin!

Price: $39.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo Stores and Hudson’s Bay Company | Age: 4+ years


Age 5

Funrise Tonka Tinys Rescue Response Station Playset

Take your Tonka Tinys on an epic adventure through the Rescue Response Station Playset! This ultimate playset features 3 levels of Tonka Tinys fun. Launch your vehicles over the flames, through the cinder block wall, and down the main gravity ramp! Store up to 8 Tinys vehicles on level one. The Rescue Response Station Playset includes 3 exclusive Tinys vehicles and is compatible with every vehicle in the line. All Tonka Tinys playsets can be connected to expand your Tonka Tinys world!
Price: $39.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us and Walmart Canada | Age: 5+ years

playmobil Drago’s Ship

Battle the dragon-riders’ fiercest enemy yet. The floating ship of Drago is coming and it has all the necessary evil tools to fight and trap dragons. The on-board cage with lock is used to contain captured dragon prisoners, while the functioning  crossbows defend against any incoming fire. Set includes Drago, spears, torch and other accessories.

Price: $59.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo Stores and Hudson’s Bay Company | Age: 5+ years

playmobil NHL™ Locker Room Play Box

Get ready for tonight’s big game with the PLAYMOBIL NHL Locker Room Play Box. Change into your jersey in the locker room and choose your lucky stick for the night. With the help of your coach’s game plan and pep talk – put on your helmet and protection and get in the rink.
Price: $29.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo, and Hudson’s Bay Company Age: 5+ years

ÎLO307  Observation Puzzle – Enchanted Forest

This 100-piece puzzle by Djeco is a fun way for children to develop their fine motor skills, problem solving skills and cognitive skills. Children put the puzzle together and then must find the items shown around the border shown in
the image. The Enchanted Forest Observation Puzzle is the perfect after-school activity!
Price: $19.99 | Availability: Speciality toy stores and select bookstores across Canada | Age: 5+ years


playmobil Royal Ice Skating Trip Advent Calendar

Royal family enjoys a sunny winters day in the snowy château park by ice skating on the lake. Forest animals are watching their activities. Behind one of the 24 doors is a bracelet hiding.

Price: $31.99 | Age: 5+ years

stuck on you Story Book With Colouring Kit

This Story Book with Colouring Kit from Stuck on You is the perfect activity for your little one! Choose from three story options, all with boy and girl options. Your child will receive a colouring kit along with a beautifully written Story book that follows a story written by children, for children. The colouring kit includes a set of pencils and a set of markers that our team individually personalized with your child’s name as well as your chosen icon!

SRP: $29.95 Available at stuckonyou.ca

Age 6

MGA Entertainment L.O.L. Surprise Tots – Series 2

L.O.L. Surprise Tots offer 7 layers of surprise! Each layer reveals a hint of which L.O.L. doll is underneath. Feed or bathe your tot for an additional water surprise.
Price Range: $13.99-$16.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Loblaw, HBC, Red Apple, Showcase, Northwest and other major Canadian retailers | Age: 6+ years


MGA Entertainment L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters – Series 2

L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters offer 5 layers of surprise! Each layer reveals a hint of which L.O.L. Lil Sisters doll you’ll get. Bathe your baby for an additional water surprise.
Price Range: $8.99 – $10.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Loblaw, HBC, Red Apple, Showcase, Northwest and other major Canadian retailers | Age: 6 + years


MGA Entertainment L.O.L. Surprise Charm Fizz

LOL Surprise Fizz offers 3 layers of surprise! Drop the fizz in water to reveal which accessory you got!
Price Range: $4.99 – $9.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Loblaw, HBC, Red Apple,
Showcase, Northwest and other major Canadian retailers | Age: 6 + years

MGA Entertainment Awesome Little Green Men Starter Pack – Series 1

Over 100 new recruits to collect and trade! Each Starter Pack comes with 4 figures (1 blind), 4 dog tags, 1 chain and a collector’s poster.
Price: $17.99 – $19.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Indigo Stores and other major Canadian Retailers | Age: 6+ years

MGA Entertainment Awesome Little Green Men Deluxe Battle Pack – Series 1

The perfect way to start your battle with men from both infantries! Each pack comes with 8 figures (2 blind), 8 dog tags, 2 chains, and a collector’s poster.
Price: $34.99 – $39.99| Availability: Toys “R” Us, Indigo Stores and other major Canadian Retailers | Age: 6+ years

MGA Entertainment Awesome Little Green Men Blind Box – Series 1

Collect them all! Each blind box comes with 1 figure, 1 dog tag on a chain and a collector’s poster.
Price: $4.99 – $5.95 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Indigo, and other major Canadian retailers. Recommended Age: 6+

playmobil Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1

Speed through the city in the iconic PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1! With original sounds and functioning lights, this vehicle is set for ghostbusting action. Playset also includes Ghostbusters characters in their official uniforms with detachable proton packs and lasers and many other accessories.
Price: $59.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Indigo Stores and Hudson’s Bay Company | Age: 6+ years

Age 7

ÎLO307 Felt Brushes / Nymphéa

Djeco’s 7-piece Felt Brushes help children use their imagination in a fun and creative way. Add the details and the colours step-by-step and watch the 4 delightful little pictures appear. You’ll be so proud of the end result!
Price: $28.99 | Availability: Specialty toy stores and select bookstores across Canada | Age: 7+ years


stuck on you Budding Artist Kit

Budding artists will love using their own Stuck on You® Personalized Sketchbook to create masterpieces. Each page is personalized with your child’s name and includes a space for a date so that you can document your child’s artistic progress. Our fun designs can provide inspiration to little artists and the A4 size is great for using in the car or when out and about.

This pack includes 12 colored pencils along with 11 water soluble, non toxic markers. Every item is personalized with a full name so our Budding Artist Kit is also great for school. The dual tip makers are perfect for different uses as your child builds on their colouring and artistic skills.

When you use our product builder, you can choose from one of our original designs and enter your child’s name. You can also choose and icon to be printed on the pencils and markers. You will be able to see a preview of the finished product before placing your order securely online.

SRP: $34.95 Available at stuckonyou.ca

Age 8

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Disney•Pixar’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the top of the line racer. With animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension, experience Lightning like never before. Connect to the app and see him respond to your driving commands, or sharpen your pit crew skills in Pit Stop Panic.
Price: $375 | Availability: Best Buy Canada | Age: 8+ years

Sphero Spider-Man

Join forces with this voice interactive Spider-Man and enter the Marvel Universe like never before. Embark on missions against notorious villains and watch your unique journey evolve. Spidey’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow for new missions, villains, and other automatic updates. When not fighting bad guys, strike up some snarky banter with your
friendly neighborhood hero.
Price: $199 | Availability: Best Buy Canada | Age: 8+ years

Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini packs tons of fun into a tiny, app-enabled robotic ball. Drive using the Sphero Mini app, or with your facial expressions in the wild new Face Drive feature. Use Mini as a controller to play different games, or program your robot with the Sphero Edu app. With almost an hour of play time, Sphero Mini is the next big thing.
Price: $69 | Availability: Best Buy Canada | Age: 8+ years


Are you sending your child off to camp this summer? The feelings of excitement can be overshadowed by feelings of anxiety at the thought of all the things they may be unprepared for. To make sure your child – and you – are ready for their first camp experience, make sure you go over a few things before they head off.

1. The Details of the Camp

While the word “camp” conjures up vivid images in your head as an adult, it’s a much more vague concept for new campers. They don’t really know what to expect, and that can cause some apprehension on the part of your child. Go over the details that you know about the camp: what activities they’ll participate in, what their sleeping quarters will be like, and how long they’ll be there. Show them pictures if possible. The more information you can give your child, the more you can reduce any anxiety they may feel about leaving home.

2. Personal Responsibility and Organization

When they’re at camp, your child will be responsible for themselves and likely sharing space with other campers. Label all their belongings with their name, and teach them basic skills like picking up their dirty clothes after getting dressed and replacing their toothbrush into their toiletry bag after its use. Consider also sending simple organizational systems like a dirty-laundry bag to help your child keep track of all their belongings and keep things tidy.

3. Sun and Water Safety

The threats of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and drowning are very real – but you’ll have no need to worry about them if you teach your child how to avoid the afflictions in advance. Teach them about proper hydration, sunscreen application, and – if they don’t know how to swim – appropriate conduct when they’re around water.


4. Easy Hair Care

If you’ve got a girl, they’re going to need to know how to manage their hair on their own when they’re at camp. If they don’t already take responsibility for their own mane, help them learn how to do basic brushing and a low, easy ponytail.

5. How to Handle the Dark

Many children rely on a night light or some sort of illumination, and those who do sleep in pure darkness do so in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Prepare your child for the possibility that they may be a little anxious after the lights go out by giving them a small illumination device they can use inside their sleeping bag should they need it – a penlight, small flashlight, or even a watch with an illuminated display.

6. Review the Supplies

Don’t simply pack up your child’s camp supplies and hand them a suitcase on their way out the door. Involve them in the process so they know exactly what they have and where they can find it in their bag. Knowing the things they are bringing with them will increase their confidence and self-efficacy and reduce their anxiety of the unknown.

7. How to Make Friends

No matter how fun camp can be, it’s always better with a friend. Help your child practice basic social skills and develop confidence in approaching new people by role-playing with them.

8. How Proud You Are of Them

Build your child up and reinforce your confidence in their ability to succeed on their own for a week. It’s true that the words you say become your child’s inner voice – and those words of confidence will get them through any difficult moments during the adjustment period at camp. However, avoid talking about how much you’ll miss them while they’re away; your child’s job is to go away and have fun, not to wrestle with guilt or worry about how you’re faring without them.

Summing It Up

Going to sleepaway camp is a rite of passage for most kids – and a big milestone for parents, too. With all the responsibility that comes with leaving home for a few days, it can be anxiety-inducing for everyone involved. Prepare your child by sharing as much information about the camp in advance, teaching them some basic self-management skills, and setting them up with some simple organizational systems.


Jenny is a mother of two, a summer mama, and a lover of the great outdoors. When she isn’t trying to get her kids off their screens and playing outside, you can find her blogging about her parenthood experiences at Mom Loves Best, or Pinning up a storm on Pinterest.

The power of smart location.


Never lose your purse, phone or wallet again with Tile Mate—the most reliable and easiest way to track your valuables. “Piece” of mind is as simple as attaching a Tile Mate to anything you care about. The Tile App allows users to ring their Tile to locate a misplaced item, find their phone even when it is in silent mode and view the last known location of their item on a map.

Tile’s #1 best selling devices, network and mobile app work together to help people
locate the things that matter to them most. Their global community spans 200 countries and territories and helps people locate more than half a million items everyday.


15034368_10154537689260170_1187450578_oThe Tile is perfect for someone with a busy life, large house, or less than perfect memory! You really only need it when there’s trouble but it’s a great insurance policy to make sure you don’t lose something valuable.  The great thing about attaching it to your keys is that you can toss your keys into an important bag and then not only will you find your keys if you misplace them but also whatever bag they’re in. 15053442_10154537689380170_906989165_o I have a few friends who use it to keep track of their pets – I could actually see putting it in my kids’ backpacks as an extra backup in case of emergency.
I like that it uses other people that use the app to help find something if it’s outside of the Bluetooth range.  From an environmental standpoint I wish that there were a replaceable battery so that they didn’t have to get replaced every year, but I think it’s a really great idea for a product, and for anyone who loses things.

~ Haley Shandro”

MSRP: $30 each, $90/ four pack.
Availability: Online at Tile, Amazon.ca, and in stores at most major Canadian retailers.

Summer holidays are approaching and here are some tips for travelling with babies and toddlers whether you are planning a week at the camp site or a plane ride to visit family.

Flying? Arrive early!

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, park, check baggage, go through security, and get to your gate! This is no easy feat when you have a toddler that needs his/her toys, a car seat, 3 suitcases, and whatever else…..

Car seats
The FAA strongly recommends that your child in restrained in an appropriate restraint based on weight and size. When you are traveling by airplane, an approved child restraint system is the only way to make sure your little one will be safe in the event of turbulence or an emergency.

Car Seats are available to rent as well, read these Pros and Cons from Parenting.com.


Make them! Before your trip, whip together your own homemade version of trail mix with whole grain, low sugar cereals, raisins and almonds, and store in resealable bags. Bake some healthy banana oat cookies for the plane and cut up fresh fruit and veggies for the car ride. Even take a few empty ziploc bags with you to grab a few extra healthy snacks for later. Pack these ten healthy snacks for your kids.

Driving? You’ll need Activities!
A busy toddler is a happy toddler! Check out these Busy Bag ideas.


Here are our top three strollers for travel this summer:

1. The Graco Modes Sport Click Connect Travel System, with one latch the stroller folds up nice and compact for vehicle storage and travel. Read our review here.IMG_1592
2. The Mamas & Papas Armadillo, folds and opens quickly and easily with one hand and an auto lock keeps it secure when folded. Read our review here.IMG_0318

3. The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and LiteWay Stroller, opens up and collapses back down within seconds making it easy to carry with you. Read our review here.Chicco LiteWay Stroller 2



We know a vacation can destroy your little one’s naptime schedule, leading to short naps (or no naps at all!), read 5 ways to help your baby or toddler nap while travelling from The Baby Sleep Site.

Wishing you happy & safe travels.

Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year from the Mommy Connections family to yours!

Our Directors come from a variety of background including high level corporate positions, education, nursing, PR, marketing and beyond.  We love the diversity of talent in our amazing Dream Team!












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We’re expanding and we are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and well-connected moms to run our programs across Canada!

See our licensing page for more info!

The moms and tots in our West Toronto program had a wonderful time exploring the magic of Playmobil!


Each child was able to unwrap a package of toys and we spread them all out over the floor for them to create new scenes using their imaginations. The toy airplane and fire truck were this group’s favourites.  IMG_3133

The animals were the perfect size for little hands to play with.  Both the moms and the tots loved the surprise of opening a mystery toy set.  We turned it into a friendly game where anyone finding a matching set with another child won a door prize.

There was lot’s of reminiscing amongst the moms, discussing their fond memories of playing with Playmobil as a child.


In Caledon, our first annual Halloween Party was held at the infamous Downey’s Family Farm!


With the purchase of a ticket, families were able to enjoy the farm’s Pumpkinfest activities before venturing into the barn-like party room above the market, for an exclusive Mommy Connections Halloween Party.  The room was filled with kids of all ages ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years, boys and girls, moms and dads, dressed up in their Halloween Costumes. Joy and excitement filled the room.

The Playmobil toys were set up on a table in the corner of the room, to allow the kids the opportunity to play with them whenever they wish. For a short two hours there was so much to do at the party, a true Wonderland for the kids. There was face painting, pumpkin decorating, a music entertainer, dancing and colouring.

1956839_715999215153826_1125180840320815145_oWith so many activities competing for their attention, whenever our eyes glanced over to the Playmobil table, there were always a few little creative minds at work. Their imaginations ran wild, inventing characters and stories behind each of the toys. Each child played with the toys in their own way. The older boys (approx. 5 years) loved playing with the Fire Station, driving the car through the levels, and landing the airplane with its pilot “Michel Angelo” on the roof. The little ones (approx. 2 years) made noises when they picked up each of the animals; “oink oink said the pig”, and the super super little ones (8 months) hung on tightly when they were able to grab one that fell off the table, enjoying the shape of what they held and eyeing the beautiful colours.


As expected with any party (with cupcakes too of course), there was a bit of over excitement. This could have inevitably resulted in a meltdown, but it was soon avoided by walking to the Playmobil table and the child would slowly calm down.  Attention directed at the miniature creatures and shifting the emotions from frustration to play.


At the end of the party, one mom got packed up to get ready to leave, and couldn’t find her daughter right away. Her eyes naturally drifted towards the Playmobil table, and there she was sitting quietly playing with the farm animals.  She turned to us and said “I guess I know what Santa is getting us for Christmas”.


Playmobil toys are truly a toy for all ages, boy or girl. It is a safe and durable toy that will last a few years as your child grows though the various stages of development.  A gift that is sure to be under many Christmas trees this Holiday season.


Thank You Playmobil


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