Ready-Set-Summer Beauty with Life Brand!

Ready-Set-Summer Beauty

Summer is here! Besides family trips and activities with the kids, don’t forget to take some time for yourself to look and feel your best. Get ready for summer from head-to-toe with a few fresh and affordable beauty ideas from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Face refresh

For a quick face detox, try new Life Brand Detoxifying Bubbling Mud Face Mask. It contains bamboo charcoal powder and tea tree oil to remove excess oils (a common culprit with warmer weather) and deep clean pores. The mask bubbles when applied, which creates an oxygenating foam layer on the skin.


Quick clean

We love the convenience of rinse-free micellar cleansers, and now we’re just as obsessed with these micellar facial wipes. They gently remove makeup and cleanse skin, and are great to packing for weekend getaways, camping trips or even your beach bag (goodbye post-swim raccoon eyes)!

Also great are PC Baby Wipes – perfect for family trips, and busy moms will appreciate the flip-top lid.

Lip service

Keep your lips soft, smooth and hydrated with a lip balm & scrub from Quo Cosmetics. The scrub exfoliates dead skin, while the lip balm containing shea butter, jojoba, rose hip oil and avocado oil leaves lips moisturized and lightly tinted. Mango, watermelon and pomegranate are the deliciously perfect summer scents.


Smooth legs

Shorts, skirt and swimsuit season means keeping legs silky and smooth. These Life Brand 3 Blade Pivoting Razors contain botanical moisture strips with aloe and shea butter, ideal for sensitive skin. This four-pack is $8, so stock up for the season!


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Women are great with parenting and ensuring that household shores are done without any hustle. In most instances, women rarely have time for doing physical activities, going to the gym or committing to any workout plans. However, your busy schedule should not be a hindrance to ensuring that you exercise daily. This is because there are home workout routines that are aimed ensuring you keep fit even without visiting the gym. Here are the simple home workout routines that can make you look fit.

Hip Exercise

The hip exercise is done by lying on the back and bending your knees as your feet touch the floor; then the arms have to be spread outwards with the palm facing up. Thereafter, make the tummy small and tight and maintain your breathing. Repeat this exercise while lowering the back to the floor and back up. Once this has been done several times, you will experience a full body workout even without going to the gym.

Hip Exercise

Crab Crawl

Crab crawl is an exercise that involves moving backwards. To begin this exercise, you have to seat on the floor and place hands on the floor then lift your buttocks slightly. Then make slight movements with your hands and legs. This is home workout routine can be done for half a minute. It has significant effects on biceps, triceps and the hips.

Crab Crawl

The side plank

This exercise involves lying down by the side of the body then placing your arm on the floor. The arm has to be elevated and in line with the elbow. In this exercise, you have to maintain your position for at least 30 seconds. This exercise works on the core and the arm muscles.


Squats are part of the warm up exercises in most sports. This involves standing in an upright position then bent your knees as if you are taking a sitting position. Thereafter, lean the chest forward slightly and maintain that position for at least a minute. This exercise has to be repeated ten times.


Mountain Climbers

This exercise involves sitting in a push up position and ensuring that the hands are firmly fixed to the ground. Once this has been attained, then you have to make fast feet movements towards the hands. You can count the number of times you move your feet. The count has to be more than 10. Every woman should do this exercise especially if she wants to have leg muscle strength.

Chair Dip Exercise

This exercise involves a stiff chair. You have to sit at the edge of the chair with your arms adjacent to the hips. Then bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees and move up and down as your back is close to the chair. While doing this exercise, ensure that you maintain an upright head posture. This exercise works on the arm muscles and has an impact on the respiratory system.

Chair Dip Exercise

Superman Exercise

The superman exercise entails lying on the ground with your stomach then lifting both the arms and the legs slightly. This exercise is ideal for women who have back problems. This exercise can be repeated in a two minute interval for at least ten minutes.

Incline Push Up

This exercise involves taking a push up position with hands place on an elevated surface or a stool. The body has to be in a straight position and rigid. Allow the elbow to bend slightly on the outside and back. Apparently, the body has to slide down to an extent that the arms are below the elbow.

Guest Post by: Julian Hooks – Livening Up

Great Question! I get this all the time & of course I’d love to say “YES” but it’s not for everyone. If it’s not for you there are plenty of other types of exercise you can do during your pregnancy to keep you fit, healthy, help you prepare for labor & of course bounce back faster after baby.

Kourtney Kardashian Going For A Run Pregnant

Here are the guidelines I teach by:


*Check with your Doc to make sure you are cleared to exercise during your pregnancy*

STOP Exercise If you experience any of the following:

For more info:  Why You Should NOT Exercise During your Pregnancy

It’s less than a years time you may need to take a break from running. If your body’s telling you not to run then you shouldn’t. Running never felt good during either of my pregnancies so I resorted to lots of walking, elliptical and pilates.

More info on Exercising During Your:

Have fun staying fit during pregnancy, it’s well worth it in the long run :)

– See more at:

This always is a start to a good conversation, plus a BIG reason I was motivated to do my prenatal DVD’s to start with. I see too many trainers, prenatal DVDs, etc teaching crunches during pregnancy, not to mention those post-pregnancy workouts that mostly just focus on ab exercises. Trust me, I’ve wanted my abs back after each of my 3 pregnancies & with each one it took longer (can’t even say I’m 100% after my 3rd, it’s been 18 months), but it’s the last area that really comes through for us moms. Give yourself credit as you lose the baby weight, fit back into your jeans, sculpt your amazing arms, & lift your booty! Your abs will come, eventually…..

no crunches

I’m the opposite of what you typically see out there for pregnancy & postnatal “ab” exercises. For good reason, unless you want to possible create more abdominal separation (diastasis recti) of course, although I don’t know who wants that!

Why? I know you’re asking that right now…..

Well, if you put a lot of added stress directly towards your rectus abdominals (those are the muscles that create that “6-pack” look) you could actually cause ab separation or make it worse when you are pregnant. Plus there is no benefit to doing crunches for pregnancy, it doesn’t give you back support or any of those reasons you may think. I don’t say that to be harsh but I’m just being honest.

Rather I always teach clients, & in my DVD’s, to focus on strengthening your core (I don’t really like the term “ab exercise”). Strengthening your “core” is waaayyyy more beneficial & there’s actually a purpose to it. Here’s why:


  Pelvic Tilts are a great exercise to practice doing your kegels & engaging your transverse abs.

Ab Exercise Guidelines During Pregnancy:


  Reach & Curl is a great core (& balance) exercise both during & after pregnancy

Ab Exercise Guidelines After Baby:

You’ll find more info & exercises regarding this very big topic in both my Prenatal & After Baby DVD’s. Plus, a bonus video in the prenatal & bonus booklet in the after baby, more specifically about deep core, kegels, transverse abs, preparing for baby exercises (prenatal), and abdominal separation (after baby).

Today’s live workout is focused on your booty & shoulders, plus deep core activation & is great for after baby too. Love these exercises! You’ll get a fun surprise visitor too :-)

So grab your light weights & a mat & get your booty moving…


Click the link below to follow along with Erica!

Live Prenatal Pilates Workout: Booty & Shoulders.

Guest Post by:

Knocked Up Fitness

With vast experience in pre and post-natal fitness, Erica launched Knocked-Up Fitness to reach the busy, modern mom with real and relevant topics. It is truly an online destination for women who want to stay fit and healthy during all stages of pregnancy, including after baby is born. – See more at:

PPDA HeadercustomLogo


Postpartum Perinatal Mood Disorders is celebrating this Awareness period by creating an opportunity for Canadians to get involved and bring much needed Attention to Postpartum Depression & Perinatal Mood Disorders.

…Mothers are far more likely to seek treatment for PPD when their communities are educated about the illness…

This leaves us with the question of: What can we do to reduce stigma & judgement, and create Communities where Moms will seek help, get quality healthcare, & non-judgemental support from family & friends?

The answer is: We need to create opportunities for Awareness & Education!

Hats Off to Mom’s is that opportunity!

  1. Form a Team
  2. Collect Pledges
  3.  Hold your Community Event

Sign up now to raise Awareness in Communities across Canada – let’s do this together!!

View the 60 Second Public Service Announcement HERE




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From a behind the scenes peek into life as a celebrity nanny to personal essays and interviews with nannies and the adult children they cared for, if you’re looking for insight into life as a nanny, check out one of these 10 books.

 A Spoonful of Sugar by Brenda Ashford (2012).

 You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again: The True Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny by Suzanne Hansen (2006).

Just Like Family: Inside the Lives of Nannies, The Parents They Work For and the Children They Love by Tasha Blaine (2010).

 And Nanny Makes Three: Mothers and Nannies Tell the Truth About Work, Love, Money and Each Other by Jessika Auerbach (2007).

Like a Second Mother: Nannies and Housekeepers in the Lives of Wealthy Children by Barbara Blouin (1999).

Searching for Mary Poppins: Women Write About the Relationship Between Mothers and Nannies by Susan Davis and Gina Hyams (2007).

The Perfect Stranger: The Truth About Mothers and Nannies by Lucy Kaylin (2007).

Shadow Mothers: Nannies, Au Pairs and the Micropolitics of Mothering by Cameron Lynne Macdonald (2011).

 The Little Princesses: The Story of the Queen’s Childhood by Her Nanny by Marion Crawford and Jennie Bond (2003).

 White House Nanny: My Years with Caroline and John F. Kennedy by Maud Shaw (1966).

From books to reality television shows, and documentaries to the big screen, the public’s fascination with nannies continues. While these books focus on real-life nannies, some certainly do real life fiction.

MomThrive is a Conference for moms, taking place on April 4-6, 2013 at the Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel in Toronto.

MomThrive is a fabulous two-day, three-night girl’s weekend away, solely focused on the overall health, wellness, support, personal growth and happiness of moms with a very special emphasis on “Me Time”! We’ve combined the fun of a mini getaway with helpful support sessions led by expert speakers on topics including life balance, parenting, style, and many more, intended to inspire, encourage and energize. And what girl’s weekend would be complete without a party? (Or, rather, several parties?) You can bet those are included as part of the package. Last but definitely not least, is the most obvious. Pampering! Something moms never get enough of. We know you want it, and we’re excited to bring you some much deserved indulgence too- starting with a chance to actually sleep in on the first day!

Why MomThrive?

MomThrive was created because we know you need, crave and deserve to have more “me time” in your life, but might not be sure if it’s even attainable. We believe that it is, and we want you to have it. It’s not selfish. It’s not inconsiderate. Me time is a basic need that helps us relax, de-stress, slow down and really LIVE. A happier you means a happier family, that that is our ultimate goal.

Who is it for?

MomThrive is for moms- ALL moms, including aunties, grandmas, stepmoms, adoptive moms and all women in a mothering role.

Is it strictly for Toronto-area moms?

Definitely not! This is a North American Conference, open to all moms, both in and outside of North America. We are currently already in the planning stages of our first MomThrive USA conference as well, but all moms are welcome at this inaugural Toronto event!

Join us!

This one of a kind conference has it all, and we’re making it as easy as possible for you to attend with discounted hotel room rates at the gorgeous Marriott, bring-a-friend ticket deals and a super early bird ticket that gives you a crazy-huge discount on the full conference ticket price.

Registration for Super early bird tickets begins October 1st- be sure to bookmark the MomThrive Registration Page so you’ll be among the first to snag a ticket and reserve your spot at this limited space event. Oh, and did I mention the hotel is attached to the fabulous Eaton Centre mall? Perfect for downtime shopping sprees!

It doesn’t get any better, and we want you to join us!

I invite you to watch our short introductory video to learn more about the MomThrive Conference and get the details on how to participate in this first annual, amazing experience designed to pamper, inspire, support and focus on you- the amazing mom that you are.

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