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Minimalist Travelling With Kids

April 26, 2019

  Mommy Connections Alumni, Bronwyn Hannelas, shares how she packed for a One-week trip, with 1 Baby, 1 pre-schooler and NO checked luggage.     For March Break our family of four flew to Vancouver for a week.  We spent…

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Adults Only: My First Vacation Sans Baby

August 30, 2018

The one thing that is completely not exaggerated about being a new mom is the astronomical amount of sleep you will lose. You never get those precious hours of slumber back. They are gone forever like shirts without throw-up on…

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FIFA World Cup 2018

May 4, 2018

Well, the Olympics are over and now it's time to learn about another major, international sporting event coming up on June 14 - the 2018  men’s FIFA World Cup kicking off in Russia! We are learning all about it with the…

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How to Find The Best Deals For Vacations

March 17, 2018

Vacations are a blessing as they help families come together, spend quality time and get some time away from work and studies. However, it’s not piece of cake to arrange vacation trips as it takes a lot of planning and…

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Before you leave for your vacation …

March 2, 2018

Your kids are so excited they can’t sleep. The bags are packed, the hotels are booked and you’re checked in for your flights.  You want to make this family vacation as stress-free as possible—so you’ve made a list and checked…

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An Alberta Adventure with Ford

June 7, 2017

Did you that Ford is Canada's longest established automaker?  This year Canada will celebrate 150 years and Ford Canada will celebrate 113.  That is a lot of amazing history between Ford and our amazing country. Here are just a few…

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Review: Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller

April 26, 2017

Our family hasn't ever purchased an umbrella stroller.  Our full size stroller seemed to do the trick and although it is big, we have travelled with it on countless vacations in snow and sand over the years.  Until our last…

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Why Every Child Must Experience An Amazing Family Road Trip At Least Once

April 6, 2017

  Written by: Katica Maric If you want to experience Canadian beauty at its finest nothing beats a family road trip. Routes including the Trans-Canada Highway will give any famous American one a run for their money. Yet somehow they've…

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Review: Bily Deluxe Umbrella Stroller

August 23, 2016

We have had several moms ask us what our top Umbrella Stroller recommendations are.  We reached out to all of our sponsors and partners and received several to try.  The Bily Deluxe Umbrella stroller is definitely our most cost effective…

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Review: 3D two Double Convenience Stroller

August 1, 2016

We have had so many moms ask us for our expert advice on umbrella travel strollers.  For families that are flying or taking long road trips in jammed vehicles, an umbrella stroller is a must.  We talked to our friends…

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