How to Prevent Crying When Taking Away the Pacifier


Despite its diminutive size, the pacifier has been the subject of some pretty big debate; some parents and caregivers theorize that pacifier use, even during infancy, can negatively affect the formation of teeth and mouth shape, while proponents hold steady on their value as a soothing device. The American Academy of Pediatrics has even weighed in, stating that their research indicates a marked decrease in the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome among infants that sleep with a pacifier. Whether a pacifier was introduced to your child solely as a comfort object or as a means of reducing SIDS risk, there comes a time when weaning can no longer be delayed. The process of breaking a child from his “binky,” however, can be fraught with hysterics and sleep deprivation for both parents and children alike.

While the task of weaning is rarely an easy one to accomplish, these hints can help to soothe the worst of Baby’s anxiety.

Make the Cut

Bring in a Substitute

Step Up the Soothing and Comforting Routine

One Day at a Time

Rewards and Praise

Patience is a Virtue

If your child simply isn’t adjusting to the weaning process and is showing no progress in controlling his tantrums or self-soothing, discussing alternate weaning methods with his pediatrician might give you some more insight.

Guest Blog Post by: Live In Nanny

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