Sharing IS Possible – A Review Of The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Game Experience


I always dreamed of having two babies who would grow up to be best friends with their built-in playmate to take on life with. When I was pregnant for a second time, we learned we would be having another boy.…

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Mustela’s Stelatopia: A game changer for skin irritation!


Like many new mothers, I remember being caught off guard by the unsightly rash that both of my babies developed in those first few weeks of life. Their once rosy and soft skin instead became inflamed, irritated and painful looking. …

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Orange Naturals: FUN ways to get your vitamins!


For the last little while, my kids would only eat certain foods and nothing else.  Sound familiar? Although it might be a phase, I started to worry about the nutrients they were getting. At a recent checkup, my doctor advised…

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Orange Naturals: Vitamins Your Kids Will Actually Take


When my kids wake up in the morning the first thing they ask is: “Is it school today?” Quickly followed by: “Can I have my vitamins?” Ah yes, there is a certain satisfaction—dare I say a Mom Victory—when my kids…

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Ferritin+: a plant-based way to boost iron!


As a mother (especially a new one), it’s not uncommon to feel tired a lot of the time. You might write it off as a byproduct of the many sleepless nights that no doubt you experience. Maybe you’re still getting…

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PAUME: Upping Our Handcare Regime


Mothering is hard on our hands. In the early years we change countless diapers, bathe our little ones, prepare food, pack snacks and lunches, wipe tears and noses, play and build. By the time we get to the end of…

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New Year, New Glasses from MESquad!


Happy 2022! As a parent of a little who wears glasses, I am constantly on the look-out for high quality, DURABLE, affordable options that my kiddo can wear comfortably. We were very excited to try out the online design and…

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Being Active in Be Active Maternity!


During my last two pregnancies, I was scared to Be Active. We had a couple health risks with baby number 1 so I was too nervous to even venture out in the car ride for fear that it would be…

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