Our Mom & Baby Program: Top 10 Ways It Impacts Your Life


Our Mom & Baby Program: Top 10 Ways It Impacts Your Life


It’s easy enough for me to TELL you how much you will enjoy our mom & baby program. After all, I was a past participant before I decided to become the program director for Calgary South. Instead, I thought I would seek out other previous participants and get their feedback on how the program impacted their lives.
Here in Calgary South our Mom & Baby program starts this week (sign up under class dates). But all across Canada, Mommy Connections Mom & Baby programs will also begin. So here’s our list of top 10 ways the mom & baby program has impacted the lives of our past participants.
1. Connection to the mommy community.
This topped the list for numerous previous participants … and it’s not hard to see why. With many women choosing to take the year maternity leave and stay home with baby – you want to meet others who are also off, or have a baby the same age as yours and are going through the same things as you. For lots of our moms, they created friendships and or a new ‘group’ of friends because of these classes, that have lasted through the years!
2. Learning.
This was a biggie for new moms. When you have your first child, it can be daunting. Intimidating. What if I do (insert anything in here) this wrong? Each week, an expert speaker comes in to talk about those key issues that you are facing in the first year of your babies life. Nutrition, sleep habits, childcare options, coughs & colds, returning to work, infant CPR. And with all the other participants going through it too, it’s that much easier to share and collaborate together. You can get support and find out what works best for you, your baby and your parenting style.
3. Unique Bonding time.
Life is busy. Being a mother is busy. Staying at home is busy. Lots of moms felt this was an hour and a half of just mommy and baby. Just the two of you. Connecting to each other, learning about each other, focusing on each other. Playing and having fun together. Forget the laundry at home, or the dinner that needs to be made or the dry cleaning to be picked up. Just you and baby. For many, this was their main reason for the class.
4. Saves time and money.
Again, this was high on the list. Maternity leave for the year is fantastic and we are lucky to live in a country that gives us a year. But the money is not fabulous. With the structure of the weekly programs – it means you can test out a variety of popular community classes like baby sign language, music class or mom and baby yoga. Decide what you like best, so you invest in things you’ve already tried and enjoyed. We do the digging to find the best experts and teachers and bring them to you. Money and time saved. That was a big bonus for previous participants.
5. Beats the winter blues.
Getting out of the house especially during the winter months with a baby is imperative to maintaing sanity. For many moms, they said this was their one weekly activity they looked forward to. Got them up and going and socializing, instead of staying inside all the time.
6. Stimulating Conversation.
By nature of having a baby, conversation is limited. Mostly one sided. Participants often commented, that you have real people to talk to, who can talk back! Bonus!
7. Free stuff/Savings.
Who doesn’t love things for free! Each mommy who takes the class gets a swag bag with so many fantastic goodies, samples and coupons. Nobody ever says no to free stuff! Free? Yes please!
8. Memorable Professional Photo.
In houses across Canada, previous participants have commented on their professional photo with baby. Yes, it’s great to have family photos. But there’s something particularly special about this mom & baby only photo. It serves as a reminder of not only the class you took, the moms you meet and the great time you had. It is a snapshot reminder of the year you had together, and the time you took to get to know each other. Right from the beginning. And its professional. So your guaranteed to get a good shot!
mom baby yoga dreamstime_xs_29955908-1
9. Getting active again.
Pregnancy can take the wind out of your ‘exercise’ sails quickly. From the chorus of our past participants, this was a great feature. It’s hard to get motivated again after baby, but with the variety of activity based demo’s, it really helped lots of mothers to re-engage and get back into the fitness mindset.
10. Affordable Price Point.
Across North America, the price point for MC classes vary from city to city. But we’ve heard time and time again, the cost of our classes are very reasonable and affordable.
If you are a past participant, we welcome your comments as to how this program helped impact your life. If you are interested in taking the program in Calgary South, our Mom & Baby classes start this Tuesday and Wednesday. There’s a few spots left, so sign up today!

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