TOXIN FREE LIVING: Our Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Experience

At first thought, a foot massage, was definately appealing. These days, after spending much of my time on my feet chasing around a soon to be two year old little girl, I’ve become a super fan of any types of spa services. When I get the time. Which isn’t often. So when Rocky Mountain Soap Company offered an opportunity for our Mommy Connections Calgary Team (North & South) to have an evening of pampering and spa services, I jumped at the chance.
Then I showed up (at their pop up boutique in Chinook Centre) and quickly realized that a foot massage required pant legs to be rolled up and ‘winter’ legs to be exposed. Uh-oh. Fortunately for us, the lovely ladies at RMS were very understanding!
Not sure if you’ve heard of Rocky Mountain Soap company before, but we’re super fans of their company for many reasons. They’re a local company based out of Canmore, Alberta (we ALWAYS like to work with local businesses) but more importantly they’re all about a TOXIN-FREE way of living which is just what we’re looking to share with our Mom’s.
After running Mommy Connections in Calgary South for a year, I’ve noticed that I get a lot of requests from Mom’s to help them find companies and or products that don’t have any ‘yucky ingredients’ added in them. That (and not going to lie a fabulous spa evening)
is why I went down to their pop up store in Chinook Centre to check it out.
If you haven’t been before into Rocky Mountain Soap Company – this holiday season is really an ideal time! They have a store in Canmore, Southcentre as well as a NEW POP UP STORE in Chinook Centre on the main floor next to Target. I’ve included some photos of their products (love the colourful packaging) as well as the great ideas they have for holiday gifts. But beyond the colourful prints, beautiful smells and relaxing products for purchase, they are selling a natural lifestyle. Natural products and keeping our bodies clean. And not just for us Mom’s but they have a fabulous line for Baby’s as well. I’ve used most of it too! Ask any of the staff and they’ll be more than happy to show you what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s all part of their TOXIN FREE movement which we’re a super fan of.
Our spa evening wrapped up after a few hours (they really had to kick us out) … but I left feeling ubber relaxed. A foot and hand massage plus a facial does wonders for the soul. My credit card on the other hand took a beating after my many purchases … but it was worth it! Thanks to Rocky Mountain Soap Company! Here’s to TOXIN FREE LIVING!
PS This is Mel our lovely Mommy Connections Calgary North (on the right) and myself on the left (note the glazed look in my eyes – the effects of a lovely foot massage were in full effect).

One of our most popular topics of conversation in our programs is our ‘Mommy Must Have Items’. These are things that help us Mom’s to be more organized, productive and successful in our everyday routines with children.
And from time to time, we get asked to review ‘Mommy Must Have Items’ so that we can give our honest feedback and input on products that matter to us Mom’s. So, we were asked to review the new Munchkin ‘Latch’ Bottle that hit the market recently and who better to ask to review it, then a new mom!
If you are looking for a bottle for baby, or want to know more about the Latch Munchkin bottle, you’ll find all the information you need about it below.
My 2 month old son and I have been trying the ‘Munchkin Latch’ bottle for almost 2 weeks now and love it. My little guy is a bit of a tongue tied and therefore was unable to breast feed and get a proper latch. He has had zero issues latching with this bottle in comparison to the others we use too. Although he still feeds from a few other bottles fine, he stays attached to this one the entire feed. We did have a couple times where the nipple pushed in on the latch bottle which can be a bit irritating but still not a deal breaker.
Overall an excellent bottle and it works perfect for our little guy who had trouble with latching in the first place.
Will definitely be purchasing more of these bottles and would recommend them without hesitation.
Our friends at Munchkin are thrilled to announce the launch of their new bottle line, LATCH™! The LATCH bottle line was designed to help new moms reach their breastfeeding goals by making the transition from breast to bottle seamless. The LATCH nipple features a breakthrough 360° accordion-style nipple that moves, stretches and pumps, and an anti-colic valve that ensures air bubbles do not pass through the breast milk.
LATCH bottles are available in a variety of pack sizes. Also available are 3 nipple stages, cleaning accessories, pacifiers and clips, and gift sets. LATCH bottles are now available in-store @ Wal-mart, online @ & coming to a Babies R Us store near you in September! Learn more about this great product line @
Just for our Mommy Connections Community – here is a coupon code for the LATCH bottle! Happy feeding!
SAVE 20% off LATCH bottles today by clicking on the link below!

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