Date: Tuesday, January 25th

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Location: Online Workshop


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From Bump To Baby & Beyond Virtual Show Hosted by Mommy Connections Calgary

Have you ever wondered how your infant or toddler learns and what is going on inside their brain? The media bombards parents with a lot of information regarding the early years, but what is really fact and what is fiction? Come for a practical workshop on brain science, how young children learn and how you as a parent can be a careful consumer of information regarding your child’s development.

Topic: Baby & Toddler Brain Development & Learning Presented by Brilliant Beginnings

Date: Tuesday, January 25th

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Location: Online Workshop – The link will be sent to participants the day before the workshop

Presenter: At Brilliant Beginnings we believe your child’s first years of life are the foundation for future learning. We also know that parents have the challenging and rewarding responsibility of choosing and shaping these formative years. In order to support this important time of development, we provide a variety of research-based programs and services for your family that reinforce the importance of parent-child interaction on children’s cognitive, emotional and social development. Our connection-based philosophy is offered through parented classes, parenting support and education, public education and research specific to children under 4 years of age.


Join us for one week of informative workshops, engaging presentations, and for a chance to win a variety of prizes! Every day from Monday, January 24th – Saturday, January 29th we will have one, two, sometimes three speakers a day. Topics and speakers are different for every session all in the hopes of connecting, educating, and supporting our Mommy Connections Calgary Community. Lastly, for every workshop you attend, you will receive a link to enter for the chance to win one of our many prizes. The more workshops you attend, the more entries you will get into the draw!

The best news of all?

Every single workshop we are offering is for FREE! All you need to do is RSVP to attend and a link will be sent to you the day prior to your workshop. We know it’s been a tough couple of years, especially for our pre and post natal community. Having a baby is not easy, having a baby during a pandemic is beyond challenging. We hope this virtual week of workshops will help to provide you with further connection, education, and support where ever you may be on your parenthood journey.

Are these workshops only for women?

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome to attend. Invite your partner, invite your friends, invite your co-workers, invite you parents. These workshops are open to anyone.

Do you have to live in Calgary to attend a session?

No you do not. In order to claim your prize you are responsible for picking up your prize at our Calgary office. However, even if you live outside of Calgary, you are welcome to attend any of our FREE online workshops.

Tell me more about prizes!

Every session you attend, you will be given a link to enter into our grand prize draw. We have 10 amazing prizes we are thrilled to give out to 10 amazing families. It is one prize per family. Every session you attend, you will get an entry into the draw. So the more workshops you attend, the more opportunities you have to take home a prize!

Here is the prize list (10 prizes = 10 winners):

* Cybex Talos Stroller courtesy of Buy Buy Baby Calgary

* Mastermind Bundle of Toys courtesy of Westhills Mastermind Toys

* One free e-course from First Step Nutrition: Solid Steps to Baby-led Weaning

* One Month Pass to Fusion Family Fitness Classes

* One gift certificate from Calgary Youth Physiotherapy for a “Gross Motor Milestone Assessment”

* A full coaching session with Mom’s Intuitive Eating Health Coach to help a Mom develop her Post-pregnancy Plan to Thrive

* Montessori Puzzle Kit courtesy of Evolve Montessori

* KOJO Nursing T-Shirt courtesy of KOJO Breastfeeding Active Wear

* One Month access to Blissful Nights Sleep Group Sleep Coaching Program plus the Basic Follow-Up Package. This includes One Month’s access to Blissful Night’s Video Library and private Facebook Sleep Coaching Support Group PLUS four 15-minute phone calls and 7 follow-up emails

* One Mommy Connections Mom & Baby Program Registration (Winter Session)


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our program director Katherine at We look forward to connecting with you at the end of this month!

We hope you can join us for an informative week for our pre and post natal community!