Turn Your Home Into A Chemical And Toxin-Free Home With Norwex!

All of our mommies in this Summer’s Active Mom and Baby class received swag from some of our National as well as LOCAL swag bag sponsors, one of whom is Kimberly Scott, an Independent Norwex Consultant.

Use Norwex to clean your whole home in LESS time, with LESS money, and FREE from harsh chemical cleaners. Provide a SAFE haven for you and your family!!

Read Kim’s testimony below on why after using these products, she decided to become an Independent Consultant for the company.

I became a consultant as a mother of two young children, age 5 months and 2 years old. I certainly know what it’s like to want diapers to change themselves, dinner to make itself and the house to clean itself. After I discovered Norwex, my cleaning angsts were relieved. I quickly signed up to become a consultant, because I not only wanted a few things; I wanted it all. I absolutely love having a clean home, but would dread getting out my bucket of Fantastic, Windex, Spic and Span, and rolls of paper towel. It is so much easier and faster to grab a Norwex Enviro cloth and Polish cloth with just a bit of water to do it all. I clean EVERY surface of my home; windows, stainless steel, wood tables, granite, glass cooktop, etc with just the one towel then polish to perfection with the other. The properties of the towel remove everything from the surface, then self purifies with the silver ions built within….preventing stinky towel and less laundering. When I see my son licking the window or eating cheerios off the floor. I can rest assure those surfaces are clean and my kids aren’t ingesting any chemicals. Most importantly, reducing the use of chemicals that cause skin breakdown and damage to those microscopic cells in your airway has been shown to improve conditions such as eczema, asthma and allergies.
In my full time profession, as a General Surgery Physician Assistant, we are constantly exposed to bacteria and superbugs in the Hospital. I bring these things home on my skin and clothes everyday. I am comfortable knowing I can rid myself and my home of these bugs with a simple wipe and rinse of a high quality microfiber towel. I am not a sales person by any means; I just simply trust and love this method of cleaning.


For more information on Norwex and to learn how you too can create a chemical-free home, check out and “Like” Kim’s Facebook page Kimberly Scott, Independent Norwex Consultant and also her webpage  http://www.kimberlyscott.norwex.biz/

Mothers need to know that their care and their choices won’t be compromised by birth politics. Sacred Journey Doula Services​ stays with you through out your pregnancy and through your postpartum period. They offer many services to help you have all the information you need to have the knowledge and support to make informed choices for you and your birth. Services include:


For more information on how they can help you through this very special and exciting time, or if you would like to know more about their services, please contact malissa@sacredjourneydoula.com, (905) 447-8815




Scentsy is a Meridian, Idaho-based candle warmer company that was founded in Salt Lake City in 2003. In addition to candle warmers and scented wax, Scentsy also sells bath products, cosmetics, laundry items, and similar products.

All mommies who register for programs each go home with over $200 worth of swag from our National as well as LOCAL sponsors. Durham consists of several business with mommies running them.

Why choose Scentsy warming candles? It does not smoke or ash and does not soot. With over 80 scents to choose from, there is something for everyone! I have a made a purchase or two from Scentsy and I must say that I am happy with my warmer as well as the plethora or scent selections one can choose from. I keep the warmer in the nursery and chose a baby powder scent so it doesn’t bother my daughter or irritate my already-sensitive nose.

So interested in learning more or wanting to get your hands on some?

Contact Sara Watson or visit www.sarajacelyn.scentsy.ca to get your hands on some!

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