Kid-Friendly Essential Oils For Everyday Ailments

Written by: (guest mommy blogger) Ash Stevens

So, it seems every mom and their dog is using essential oils. Unfortunately, many are also making money off of them. Thanks to all their marketing and self-promotion, essential oils seem like another triangle-scheme that’s bound to lose it’s money-making steam.

But guess what? Scientific studies are showing that quality essential oils are legit. Whether it’s peppermint’s use in treating IBS, or it’s frankincense’s ability to kill cancer cells — study findings support the use of essential oils in evidence-based care.

If you’re ready to use kid-friendly essential oils that have support from science, then this is the post for you! Read on to see how oils can be used to legitimately aid everyday ailments.

Aches And Pains

Pain and muscle aches seem like more of a topic for weight lifters and arthritis sufferers, but kids need this consideration too. Pain has many consequences like cost and time, for starters. Most importantly, it costs our children and families quality of life. Instead of struggling through our days, we should get help from our herbal allies.

Tummy Troubles

We all have the joy of experiencing the diet and schedule that fits our body type. Nothing reminds you more of this than the exploring bellies of children. Whether your little one is struggling with gas or digestion, there are oils that science proposes may help.

Cold And Flu

Thanks to having an immune system that’s fresh in development, our little ones are bound to come down with a cold, flu, or stomach flu (no, it’s not the same thing as the flu). When our kids come down with a viral or bacterial infection, we generally jump to treat the symptoms we see like fever or cramping. However, we forget that these symptoms are a result of an overabundance of foreign microscopics. With that in mind, I’ll cover oils which are known to enhance immunity and fight off microbes.


Cuts, scrapes, burns, and gashes will put a damper on any kids day. This is where essential oils shine like the sun. With antibacterial essential oils to ward of infection, and anti-inflammatory oils to reduce pain and swelling, we can save our children all sorts of pain. There are actually some oils so helpful for healing, they can reduce scarring. If there’s one area that’s worthy of budgeting for essential oils, this may be it.

Do you use essential oils at home? What are your favorite ways to use them? Be sure to share below!

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