August 23, 2017

Tervis is the original customizable, double-wall insulated drinkware that keeps hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold and is backed by a

lifetime guarantee.

As I read though the website, I found some statements of how Tervis separates itself from the rest. The features listed are:

Keeps Cold Drinks Cold.

Think of all the extra ice you’ll save for delicious frozen margaritas!

Keeps Hot Drinks Hot

Hotter than other cups. Take a cautionary sip before you start swigging.

Reduces Condensation

Gives you the freedom to host parties without coaster anxiety.

Lifetime Guaräntee

Tervis drinkware is made for a lifetime of total sipping satisfaction.

Dishwasher Safe

No matter who (or what) does the washing in your home, Tervis drinkware is safe in the suds

Personalized Designs

An Environmentally Safe Product

All products are BPA-free

I was lucky enough to be asked by one of Canada’s top Baby stores, buy buy Baby to review this awesome company and two items on their Tervis product line; My First Tervis™ Sippy Cup and 10oz. Wavy Tumbler.

Because I do have a 13-month old and a 3.5year old,,this was a no-brainer for me to accept.

What I noticed right away was their huge selection of tumblers and sippy’s. Patterned, solid coloured, Disney inspired,

superhero and sports- themed, tumblers for adults, the assortment went on and on. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and most importantly, to see how my kids would love (or hate) it. 

I chose a “Sofia The First” 10oz tumbler for my toddler and a very cute pink floral elephant for my baby for her first sippy. Summer was here and with the temperatures to prove it.

So I decided to challenge Tervis

regarding their “keeps cold things cold” statement. I filled both the sippy and the tumbler with cold water and added ice cubes to them just to put it to the real test. As the kids and I went about our day, I noticed the ice was still there, in tact. Fast forward 3 hours and not only were the ice cubes still there, but they hadn’t lost there shape! Needless to say, I was pretty impressed and super jealous that I had not chosen an adult tumbler for myself to take home.

The website doesn’t state this (that I could easily find anyway), but I am almost certain they are damage-proof. My 13-month old dropped her sippy religiously after every drink, for fun! But I am happy to report it withstood the ultimate test, the baby test, and came out on top!

My toddler absolutely loves her tumbler! She was so wise as to point out to me that it was Sofia The First on it as I had only picked it out for her because it was pretty. I love that they are splatter-proof, but mainly, I love their design and how independent it makes her feel that she can drink from a “big-girl” cup. The easy slide lid is so convenient and simple for my tot to use and when its closed, and falls over, absolutely nothing happens! The water stays in! I am speaking from experience here.

So overall, Tervis seems to be the leading brand in our household, and I have never seen these sold anywhere else but at buybuy Baby. The Tumbler retails for approximately $24.99 and the sippy for about $14.99 which, to be honest, sounds a bit steep. However, for all the features, including a LIFETIME guarantee of its quality,,it is definitely worth it!





  1. These are perfect..it is superb in keeping my coffee hot and that’s why I bought it. 🙂

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