Moksha Yoga Brooklin: A Hidden Gem

So give it to me straight. What do you know about yoga? Do you know about yoga? Do you practice yoga? Have you ever? Would you ever?

I ask because it is interesting to see the various answers and opinions you come across. Some still have pre-conceived notions that yoga is for people who “don’t really workout” or are looking for a “low-impact-type exercise”. Well, let me tell you, after being one of those pessimists and actually trying out a class hot yoga at that, I am here to say I was way off and yoga is actually a TOTAL body workout that you can feel just as you would lifting weights at the gym.

We’ve had the pleasure of running our 8-week Whitby/Brooklin Fall Mom and Baby and Mini Movers programs out of Moksha Yoga Brooklin and although I haven’t yet tried a class, let me tell you about this hidden gem if you don’t already know.

This studio is located just at the entrance to beautiful Brooklin and can be found on the upper level of some great entertainment spots.

There are 12 teachers which make up Moksha Brooklin and I love that it is a mix of both males and females.

One thing that really caught our eye for wanting to host our programs are their values which are based on Seven Philosophical Pillars:

  1. Be Healthy
  2. Be Accessible
  3. Live Green
  4. Community Support
  5. Reach out
  6. Live to Learn
  7. Be Peace.

You can read more on these pillars and their meaning as well as watch videos explaining further HERE

You can definitely see they have great selection of class offerings that can suit one’s needs and comfort level. Classes range from Hot Yoga to “Yoganastics” to Prenatal yoga and run as early as 6:30am to as late as 8:15pm. One of their classes is the “Karma” class which is a reduced-fee class where all proceeds are donated to a local non-profit organization. This all ties back to the fourth pillar of giving back.

We had the pleasure of having Tara lead our Moms and babies in a very calming yet effective yoga class and it did not disappoint. Our moms were very happy with how Tara took her time with them and understood that these were new moms with babies where some may have been out of their comfort zones. There was definitely chatter to come back for more.

Their studio is spacious and inviting and the mood for practice is definitely set.

If you are looking for a yoga studio to practice at or if you are new to the world of yoga, Moksha Yoga Brooklin is where you want to be. I’m pretty certain, once you yoga, you’ll always yoga.

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