Calling all “Glama Gals”!


Calling all “Glama Gals”!

November 17, 2018

There is this cute hidden gem in the heart of Ajax, tucked away near Old Pickering Village that most parents have been keeping under wraps. Well this Mommy did some sleuthing and discovered what so many other parents before me have bragged about. This spa is like no other in Durham. Yes, I said spa.  This spa is not for adults (jealous) but more geared toward girls from toddler to tween.  Glama Gal Kids Spa is where your kids go to get pampered in all sense of the word.

Currently, Glama Gals Spa has 7 locations across Ontario with more to come. Each franchise owner is part of the Glam Family and shares in the same goals and visions for this brand – Be Confident! Be Positive! Be YOU! Recognizing that kids experience societal pressures from peers, television, and social media, Glama Gals cultivates an accepting culture whereby girls are empowered and celebrated for who they are. Glama Gals achieves this goal by offering themed spa services that are all about affirming a child’s positive spirit. With themed services such as the, “BE Unique Party Package” or the, “BE You Spa Day”, every child’s  individuality is celebrated.

Glama Gals hosts free monthly workshops where kids learn effective strategies to assist with bullying, self-esteem, and maintaining friendships. The Glama Gals have also partnered with the local Girl Guide and brownie unit, coaching kids towards achieving their feel good badge

I was lucky enough to have been invited to experience all that Glama Gal Kids Spa offered while I was trying to plan the most amazing 5th birthday party for my daughter, Karmyn. After speaking with Dishni, the Owner and Manager of the Ajax location and checking out the spot, I just knew this was what my little diva would want for her and her friends. It was a surprise I had a hard time keeping from her, that’s for sure!

The day finally came and when Karmyn and her guests walked through the door, they were so excited and so were us moms who were given the opportunity to witness the party, but not partake sadly. It was all about our minis.

First, the birthday girl and her friends gathered in the dining room where they dined on some Belgian waffles with syrup and their choice of either pink sprinkles, chocolate sauce or whipped cream as a topping. They sipped on pink “Champagne” (lemonade) out of these large goblets that completed the whole Glama feel.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to Karmyn and one by one, the staff went around the room and asked each of her friends (including her 2 year old little sister) what the one thing was that we loved about Karmyn.  What an amazing question to pose! I along with the other moms were already in love with the place just after only 15 minutes.

After “lunch”, the girls headed downstairs to where all the magic happened.  There was this beautiful sitting area where

the staff showed the girls all the different lotions available to them and each got to sniff before being told they would get to make and take home their very own bottle of glitter lotion!  There was Tutti Fruity, Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy to name a few.  Cotton Candy seemed be the sweet-smelling favourite among our tiny humans.

Then it was time to get “Glama’d”.  The staff took the girls into their spa salon where it was beautifully decorated and mimicked exactly what we would look for in a salon or spa. There were swivel chairs and mirrors, a nail bar and leather couches,oh my!

As the girls sat and got pampered with a pedicure, they were then served like Royalty with mini champagne glasses filled with French Vanilla ice cream with pink glitter sparkles on top. Delish. It was a bit much for the girls to finish on their own but it was nothing us mommies couldn’t help them with of course!

After their toes were done, it was on to the manicures. The girls got to choose their colours and off they went for further pampering. Some chose one, two and some chose three colours on their nails after having them filed and receiving their individualized hand massages.

It was time for face masks as each girl received a mini facial with cucumbers over their eyes. Oh boy such awesome treatment. For those that wanted to, subtle makeup was applied and off Karmyn went with her friends for her Tutu Ceremony (a celebration of the bday girl and everyone wears a tutu, a crown and receives a wand). The staff member read out some positive affirmations from a book she was holding and the girls repeated them after her. Some of the girls were adorned with glitter after the ceremony and some opted out of that part.

After two fun-filled hours, it was time to wrap up the party.  Each girl received a small gift bag and was led to an area where they could choose a few accessories and trinkets to go home with.

The girls all had smiles on their faces which made my day!

We will definitely be coming back a this was truly a remarkable experience where little girls, aged 5 and up can be empowered and encouraged and can lift each other up.  This is truly the meaning Glama Gal Kids Spa . The transformation starts from within and the rest is just ice cream with glitter sprinkles.

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