10 Creative Party Ideas for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday


10 Creative Party Ideas for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday

July 29, 2019

Whether you’re a first-time mom or not, celebrating milestone birthdays is certainly in your bucket list. The first birthday, most especially, deserves an extra celebration.

Pulling up a fun and memorable first birthday party is easy. But with so much information out there, you must be feeling overwhelmed right now. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 creative party ideas for your baby’s 1st birthday to make it an amazingly beautiful and unforgettable one.

It’s all about decorations.

A successful milestone birthday party starts with eye-popping decorations. The great thing is, you can throw a beautiful celebration without spending on expensive décor and party accessories. But there are a few items that you shouldn’t do without, such as balloons and air dancers. These dancing inflatables are so fun to watch and children of all ages will love them. They also make a fun backdrop for your guests. Moreover, in order to make the area more beautiful you can add home accessories and make your guests feel comfortable. You can also DIY some decors like the party banners, favor bags, and party hats.

Funny Activities

Don’t make your party boring by skipping the fun games and activities. Take note that your guests are mainly children and you should entertain them. Go for activities that encourage moving around as kids are naturally energetic. Some entertaining games to try to include bubble wrap race, scavenger hunt, musical chairs, passing the parcel, and balloon pop.

Put up a chalkboard sign.

As your child hits his or her first year, it’s time to celebrate their milestones and accomplishments, from their first words to their favorite hobbies, food, and activities. All you need is a simple chalkboard panel and colorful chalks to write them down. If you or someone in the family has awesome calligraphy skills, you will end up with such a beautiful sign that will make your guests smile.

Don’t forget your photo collage. Isn’t it sweet to look back to those 12 happy, sad, beautiful, intense, and amazingly crazy months? Print your favorite Instagram photos of your child (from their first month to their 12th). There are many ways to set up your baby’s photo collage. You can cut out a huge “1” figure from cardboard and paste your baby’s photos on it. Or, instead of the traditional banners, you can hang the photos as a replacement. Hang it with Christmas lights for that whimsical effect.

Babies love balloons.

Balloons are timeless classics when it comes to parties and celebrations. And they are especially entertaining for kids. You can use balloons for decorating your venue as well as in games or activities. Instead of ordering premade balloons from your local party supplies dealer, buy a balloon kit to cut down on the cost.

Make it “wild”.

Wild One is a popular birthday theme not only because it looks so cute but also because it’s relatively easy to pull up. You can decorate your venue with wood pallets and accessories and some plants. For the food, serve them on wooden trays. Don’t forget the tent. It makes a lovely prop for your little one’s pictorial.

Make treats part of the decor.

Your party food doesn’t have to be just, well, food. It can also complement your beautiful decor. For example, who doesn’t find mini donuts tucked on a board cute, or skewered on colorful straws? How about worm jellies as toppers for chocolate mousse served in tiny tin cans or shot glasses? It takes a little creativity and effort to put together an Instagrammable table of delicious treats but it’s worth it! Don’t forget to have some snacks for toddlers attending your little one’s party, such as cereals and biscuits, placed in paper cups. They will cost you next to nothing and make a fun and beautiful addition to your party table.

Set up a photo booth.

Your guests would certainly love it. All you need is a small space, a nice colorful backdrop and a few props for the booth. You don’t always have to buy these supplies. For instance, you can turn a basket into an adorable hot air balloon.

Make it whimsical.

Are you holding your little one’s party outdoors? Make it camera-friendly and keep your guests in awe with a whimsical theme. Sometimes, all you need is a dreamy, whimsical dessert table with beautiful floral and butterfly decorations, warm lights, and balloons in pastel colors. Whimsical parties also make a great choice if you’re looking to celebrate in your backyard.

Make your loot bags.

Children’s parties are incomplete without loot bags. Instead of buying ready-made ones from the store, step up the game by making your own. It’s fun and the least expensive. Plus, you can be sure the bags contain kid-friendly items and not just too many candies or toys. Some great picks for your loot bags are name labels, binoculars, glow-in-the-dark stars, or some homemade healthy cookies.

Preparing for your baby’s first birthday party can feel overwhelming. But with these creative ideas, you can be sure you will end up with a beautiful and unforgettable party.

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