Are you worried about being ‘Mom shamed’ in our classes?

I bought the Mommy Connections East Toronto franchise a few months ago. If you knew how many people assume that our groups are like the wild wild west with everyone judging and shaming one another you’d be shocked. I was shocked (and still am, to be honest).

Because nothing could be further from the truth. Our groups are made up of grown women who are kind, articulate and madly in love with their babies. As far as I’ve been able to tell, they don’t have time for mom-shaming and are the farthest thing from the negative stereotype that people envision when they picture a ‘mom’s group’.

Mommy Connections classes are warm and welcoming. After the initial awkward conversations and feelings of insecurity pass, hilarious stories emerge about trying to balance it all (and feeling like we’re utterly utterly failing).

I bought Mommy Connections because when I read the partnership agreement and poked around on the website I realized that MC was, first and foremost, about connecting Moms to one another. Sure we have amazing presenters who stuff Moms full of the best and most informative information about sleep, books to read, caring for your mental and physical health, baby sign language, etc. And, we give away the best swag bag in the business. AND you get a beautiful photo with your babe, taken by yours truly. But all that aside – the core of what w do is connecting Moms to one another to create community.


A Personal Story

Motherhood is truly the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. I look at my kids and wonder what I could have done to deserve such incredible gifts. But, as every parent knows, motherhood is terrifying. When my daughter was in utero (my first), we found out that she had a kidney issue. For 20 weeks of my pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect – would I get to hold her when she was born? Would I go into early labour? Would she need to be in the hospital while I was discharged?  And if so, then what? Would I sit in a chair by her bedside? For how long – a day, a week, a month?

Well, I’m happy to report that she was perfect beyond all measure. She did have an operation at a few weeks old but she was, and remains to be, perfect. But I started my journey into motherhood with a ton of stress and uncertainty, and a whole bunch of people saying things like ‘you should’, ‘I told you so’, ‘that’s bad for you’ – you know… well meaning, good-natured advice.

But that’s not what I heard. In my hormonal haze, I heard ‘you’re bad at this’, ‘you’re doing it wrong’, and ‘you’re going to hurt her’. Lucky for me, when faced with criticism I get really sassy about it.

So, when people wouldn’t zip it about our co-sleeping arrangement I told them that, if they were so concerned, it was their duty to call social services and handed them my phone. That stopped the chatter 😉


The Bottom Line

At Mommy Connections you’ll find a place to giggle about the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing – but  who cares. Everyone else is feeling the same way you do, so consider it a weekly vacation from the madness of life at home with a new baby.

Please accept this invitation to participate in our programs without fear of being judged for your decision about how you feed your baby, put your child to sleep, when you choose to potty train, or whether you let them leave the house in silly costumes – in-person classes aren’t the internet chat groups. These classes are made up of bright, articulate, child-loving mothers who so desperately want what is best for their baby – and each other. What you can expect is a warm place to land with copious amounts of coffee and a few extra arms that will willingly hold your baby when we sense that you might just need a hot minute!

Our fall session starts the second week of September – and we still have some spaces available. To register for classes and take advantage of $15 off please follow the link.


The wait is over all of our ducks are happily in a row and I’m so excited to offer three classes in the Fall.

TWO Mom & Baby Classes (0-12 months)  – classes focused on first year with baby prep – find your mat leave besties and learn about all of the amazing resources your community has to offer. One class is in Leslieville – click here to enroll  and another in Upper Beaches – click here to enroll   Sprouts and another at Upper Beaches Music School

ONE Mini Movers (6-18 months) – this class is designed for slightly more mobile babies. Presenters will focus on an active and engaging session that will get your babies (or Moms) moving. This class is held in Leslieville – click here to enroll

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