Juice and Java Cafe becomes Sponsor of Mommy Connections East Toronto

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Juice and Java Café.

Moms at our Beaches location will enjoy coffee during class and a spot at the community table reserved especially for them after class to continue the conversation over coffee or lunch.

A great family friendly spot in The Beaches, with high chairs, a collection of children’s books, and the deal breaker for moms and babies – a changing table! Not to mention lots of yummy menu choices from baking to sandwiches and soups, smoothies and of course, coffee!


Find Juice and Java Café at 2102 Queen Street East, at the corner of Wineva.

Ask for Helen and tell her you’re from Mommy Connections! She and her staff will be happy to help you with your stroller and will take care of you.

Movies For Mommies

Movies for Mommies

Special Offer from Movies for Mommies. Next Wednesday March 26th at the fox cinema in the beaches Movies for Mommies is offering  2 for 1 offer with a minimum of 15 moms. That’s right, show up with your mommy friends and get a 2 for 1 price!! What a great deal. Email laura@mommyconnections.ca to confirm.

Next week the screening will be American Hustle starring Christian Bale and Amy Adams. MFM is an afternoon of decadence for you to enjoy in a baby friendly way. What does that mean? All our films run with reduced sound levels, loud enough to hear, but soft enough to protect sensitive little ears. If it’s your first time taking your little film critic to see a movie, here is some info to make you’re outing awesome.


Arrive a few minutes early so you have time to receive your membership card, and all your free samples Don’t be shy! If you don’t have a friend to go with, lots of moms come with their babies and meet other new moms at the show Dad’s & Grandparents are people too! MFM welcomes all parents, grandparents, friends and caregivers. Splurge – that theatre popcorn is SO good, treat yourself. Enjoy the show!

How many classes have you wanted to register but you weren’t sure if you’d like it, baby would be screaming the whole time, naps might be affected? Well we’ve decided to give you a chance to try our first class for FREE.  Come check out our class, see if you like it and then you can decide to register after that.

Our first class has amazing presenters like Fun with Music Together and Dara from Belly Bootcamp. Don’t miss the awesome music demo as well as fitness/workout tips from the fabulous Dara.

Please email laura@mommyconnections.ca if you plan on attending


For more information check out our class dates


Most people have a great story on how they shared the exciting news that they were pregnant.  Check out the great story from our very own Mommy Connections Founder, Carol McBee.  Add in the blog comments below a short story of your own to enter to win!  Winner will receive an amazing nursing wear prize package from CoverBoo Couture!

I was on a holiday to South Carolina and I felt terrible nearly the entire time.  I was sick constantly and when our good friends had a baby in Tennessee, we made the 9 hour trek to meet their new baby during our holiday and I got to visit nearly every other ditch and rest stop along the way!  I vividly remember grumpily telling the baggage counter person at the airport during our departure that I had the flu and had a terrible holiday!  When we got home, it suddenly occurred to me that I should take a pregnancy test.  I nearly fell over when I found out!  That night, we went to my mom’s house for dinner.  I brought my laptop to show them a slideshow of photos from our trip.  The last picture was the pregnancy test!  It was a great way to share the news.

~Carol – Mommy Connections President

To ENTER simply leave your own brief story below! Please leave your first name, email address and the City & Country you are from.  One prize will be given away to a Canadian resident and the other to an American resident and the winner will be chosen at random and posted and contacted on MARCH 30.  Good luck!


My Child, My City: November 2011 East

Direct Link: http://littlepaper.com/my-child-my-city-november-2011-east


MY CHILD, MY CITY – Jackie and her little man, Holden, 7 months old

Jackie is new to the Little Paper but plans to pick up her copy at the Jimmie Simpson Rec Centre.

One of Jackie & Holden’s activities includes attending ‘Mommy Connections’ hosted at Lil’Bean and Green. ”It’s $120 for an eight week session but we’re getting a lot out of it. Each week, two presenters come in to share information and promote their businesses. Just last week we had someone from a belly boot-camp, as well as a baby sign-language class join us… as a participant you get lots of demos, free passes, door-prizes and coupons and the group has babies of all ages so I get to see the development and changes in babies across the board.”

How and where do you meet other parents?
Have you found it easy or hard to find great stuff to do in your neighbourhood?
“Leslieville is BABYVILLE! It’s crazy! I didn’t put myself out there much during the summer but once I saw the leaves turning I started to make an effort and it’s really easy in this ‘hood. We’ve met people at Jimmie Simpson Rec Centre at the free Swim for Babies. I’ve also kept in touch with my post-natal class at the East General Hospital; I run into the moms all the time – and we have our own group on Facebook! We’re all in the same situation – I truly feel like arms are open wide when it comes to helping out fellow moms and dads new to this stage of life.”

What is the best part about being a parent? What is the biggest challenge you face as a parent?
“Best part: Seeing my parents’ features and characteristics live on through my child (they never got to meet him).  Biggest Challenge: Never knowing if, but hoping, I’m doing the right thing. Every day.”

Best place in your neighbourhood for a slide and a swing? A coffee/tea?
“The Leslie Grove Park; it has the best teeter totter, wading pool and coffee shops around. There’s also Greenwood Park: amazing pool, fountains and, in the wintertime, skating.
As for coffee “the people without babies would like me to say Lil’ Bean and Green. The truth is…TEARO COFFEE!!!! It’s spacious and so, so delicious. (Just remember to ask for your coffees ‘extra hot’.)”


As the seasons change from summer to fall one thing is certain: less sun exposure. Since vitamin D is our ‘sunshine vitamin,’ this also means less of this crutial vitamin. If you haven’t been supplementing your child(ren) with vitamin D, now is a perfect time to start. Here are just a few reasons why:

So, there are many reasons to pick up some vitamin D! If your child has a number of concerns above, it would be wise to have a simple blood test done to determine your child’s exact levels of vitamin D. Otherwise, supplementing preventatively will go a long way.

My suggestion would be a liquid vitamin D supplement which is more absorbable and easy to find (D drops is a brand found commonly at drug stores). A nice rule of thumb for children is 35IU’s of vitamin D per pound of body weight.  This means 400IU for a newborn and 1000IU once they reach 30 pounds.

I hope you have a happy and healthy fall. Yours in health,

Sarah Oulahen, HBHSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor




Our Fall Program will now have Post-Natal & Toddler Connections classes!

Learn. Connect. Socialize.

Mommy Connections East Toronto introduces you to programs and services available within your community. Our classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your child and other moms in a social environment. Each week’s class offers a topic that is important to a new mom as well as something for moms to do with babies. This allows for a unique bonding opportunity with your little one while still fulfilling your need to obtain information and be social with other moms experiencing the same challenges, fears and excitement. We provide educational and social connections for the modern family before baby and beyond.

Post Natal Program Engaging new moms and babies through an interactive and educational weekly program.
Our post-natal program offers moms a unique opportunity to bond with their child as well as learn about other programming and services offerings in their community. Each week’s classes offers a topic that is important to a new moms as well as something for moms to do with their babies. This allows for a unique bonding opportunity with baby while still fulfilling the moms need to obtain information and be social with other moms experiencing the same challenges, fears and excitement. There are 3 different classes to choose from.

Toddlers Connections (NEW!) – A uniquely structured weekly program offers a place for both moms and toddlers to play, learn and develop.
As our newest offering, Toddler Connections will provide a more unique structure for moms and their toddlers. This unique set-up allows moms to listen and chat within the discussion, while their toddlers play in a safe environment.

Click Here to register or to view more information


Watch our newest  promotional video on Mommy Connections. “Where moms go when they need to know”

Mommy Connections Video

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