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Meet Our East Toronto Director: Kama Lee Jackson

Oh hey, I’m Kama. 🙂

I’ve been a Toronto east ender for over 20 years (gah, that makes me sound olllllld – my kids are right). I live in the Beaches with my nearly 14-yr-old daughter (holy, that went fast) and my 11-yr-old son. Maybe you’ve seen my name before in local Facebook groups, or maybe we’ve met through my business, Bloom, where I work with pregnant, expecting, and new parents.

After coordinating and facilitating Mommy Connections East Toronto groups it for a few months, I jumped at the chance to take over as Director because I LOVE it so. It has tapped into my passion and life goal to help women navigate all the tricky womanly transitions of our lives through empowerment, candid compassion, real laughter, and support. Helping women connect in that tricky time of early parenthood – the isolation, anxiety, joy, all of it – gives me such a ridiculous amount of joy. We’re all on this crazy ride together, pals!

I have a Journalism degree (I’m a freelance writer and wrote regularly for before jumping in here) as well as a Midwifery degree. These two degrees don’t match but I’m kind of funny that way and they totally reflect me. I love words and I love caring for women, body and soul. The midwifery life is tricky (to put it mildly) so I turned in my pager to launch Bloom, teaching childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding to expecting and new parents, as well as connecting people to resources in our community.

So, that’s the bio version of me. Other off-resume, passion stuff:  I adore design of all sorts and am blissed out doing up my digs and have a weird love of fonts. I am a mental health advocate/warrior, having lived with depression for most of my life. I am an introvert who hates big crowds but get me in a small group of friends, and I’m the wild one who holds court. Things I aspire to (and sometimes succeed at): daily exercise, reading, writing, laughing more than crying, honesty. Things I’m actually really good at: jazz hands, making people laugh, compassion, and candour, and self-work. Things I ain’t so good at: getting laundry done all in one go, walking into parties by myself, flossing daily.

You can also find me at Bloom.

So looking forward to hanging with you!

“Whether you’re looking for advice or just to commiserate about the sleepless nights, I’d highly recommend Mommy Connections!”

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