Local Business Love: Core Love


Local Business Love: Core Love


Welcome to another segment of Local Love! I’m excited to introduce you to Core Love, owned by Kaye Burrows. We’ve worked with Core Love for the past few years, and love the knowledge, compassion and fun she brings to her classes and consults for post-natal mamas!

1) Tell us a bit about you (name, background, family,etc).

I am Kaye- my husband Matt and I have three kids and they have totally changed my life.  Becoming a mother was a totally transformative experience for me and has been the hardest and most joyful thing I have ever done.


2) Tell us a bit about your business (name, what you do, what you love about it, etc). Please include contact details.

I started Core Love Fitness when my third baby was born.  I remember feeling so lost by the advice out there after babies, and I HAD a background in biology and human bodies!  I knew it was time to officially start my business when I kept finding myself in conversations about vaginas, diastasis and peeing with exercise with other moms at the park while my kids played.  I wanted to be able to feel strong enough to chase my kids without peeing my pants or worrying about organs falling out and I knew other women wanted that too.  I also know that none of us want to lay around doing kegals all day, either:)


I am @corelovefitness on Instagram and Facebook and my website is www.corelove.ca


3) Tell us what you love most about running a business that is geared towards families/moms/dads/caregivers/babies/toddlers/children.


I love being a part of this journey with other women.  The physical changes and challenges for our bodies are a lot throughout our lifetime, and I truly believe that when we feel good in our bodies, we can show up more fully in the world as our best selves.  I get to work with amazing women every single day in the Core Love Community.  Our physical, mental and emotional health is all so connected and we work on it all.  With Core Love, I want to work towards a world where all mothers are cared for, supported and loved.  When mothers are thriving, the people around them also thrive and that can change our world.


4) Tell us the best piece of “mom advice” you ever received.


Fill up your cup too.  If you want your kids to grow up as kind, loving humans who value other people, make sure they also see you as an important person who has needs, wants and desires too!



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